Our Father’s Day Fun

Most holidays have a tough aspect to them for us.  My parents died when I was 15, and John’s dad died in a motorcycle accident last August.  This was the first Father’s Day without him.  We still wanted the day to be special, so here is what we did.
Don’t judge!  She loves to help him steer when he moves the truck in the yard!

Maggie had so much fun helping daddy!  She helped dig a hole for the flowers and helped put the flowers into the holes.  I felt like a bump on a log watching and taking pictures, but let’s be serious, not bending down on the ground this pregnant when I don’t have to!  
We planted flowers in a little flower bed we made up around the sign John had made for his dad after he passed away last year.  
It was so much fun to watch her exploring in the dirt with daddy.  And surprise…her doggy was right there 🙂
What sorts of fun things did you do for Father’s Day?  Do you have a special way of celebrating Father’s Day for those who are in heaven?


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