Planting apple trees for my mom and dad

If you read this post, then you know that yesterday was a very important, difficult day for  me.  I’ve struggled each year to find a special way to remember them, one that is my way.  This year, I went to the garden center intending to pick up a lavender plant for a post picture I wanted.  As I was driving, it occurred to me that what I wanted to do was plant a tree as a way to remember my parents.  I hate that my kids won’t get to meet them and know them, but wanted a way to have them be “alive” and a part of our life for more than just a day or two each year.  I realized planting a tree was perfect.  Plus, we want more trees in the yard anyways.  I was planning on getting a gorgeous orange maple tree, but as I was walking through the trees, it occurred to me that apple trees were exactly what I wanted to plant.  And so we picked up two {and yes, one is honey crisp because it is THE BEST apple I have ever eaten}.  My sister was coming out tonight to pick up some things, so it worked out great, and her and my niece were able to help us get the first tree planted.

Rememberance apple tree


Be sure to check out tomorrows post with more ideas on ways to help kids celebrate and remember loved ones.

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