Quick Snacks They Can Make Themselves {+ How to Create a DIY Pizza Bar}

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You may have heard me mention before that Maggie and Charlie absolutely love to snack. I try to have some things on hand to make them quick snacks.  Not only that, but I want to have some things around that they can make themselves.  It keeps them busy, it is a ton of fun, and they really love it when their friends come over and get to make the snacks themselves.

#shop, #cbias Bagel Bites, #AfterSchoolSnacksOur recent favorite that has been such a big hit with all of the kids was our DIY Bagel Bites Pizza Bar.  When we went shopping this week, I let the kids help choose what toppings they wanted to put on their pizza bites.  They were so excited to pick out their own vegetables and toppings and we could not wait to make our snack.  Here is a list of toppings that the kids picked out.

  • Green Peppers
  • Red Peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Pepperoni
  • Bacon Bites
  • Cheese
  • Pineapple

#shop, Bagel Bites, #AfterSchoolSnacks#shop, Bagel Bites, #AfterSchoolSnacks
At snack time, a few friends happen to show up at the right time, so they got to make their own Bagel Bites pizzas as well.  They bellied up to the island and topped their own Bagel Bites. #shop, Bagel Bites, #AfterSchoolSnacks#shop, #cbias Bagel Bites, #AfterSchoolSnacks Then, I put them in the microwave for a few minutes and we all sat down to a quick, yummy snack made with real cheese, homemade sauce, and 0g trans fat.  This was a win for everybody!  If this doesn’t sound like fun, you can find more recipes using Bagel Bites on their website.

Walmart Bagel Bites & Delimex

I couldn’t stop there though.  We also picked up some Delimex Beef & Cheddar Rolled Tacos while we were at Walmart.   I absolutely had to make this even more fun for the kids, so I whipped up some homemade salsa {I promise, I will share the recipe with you all soon}, some cheese dip, and some guacamole.  I set them out in some dishes for the kids, served up their Delimex Beef & Cheddar Rolled Tacos, and they gobbled them up!  Maggie and Charlie love dipping things.  They had so much fun with these fun snacks.

#shop, Delimex, #AfterSchoolSnacks#shop, Delimex, #AfterSchoolSnacks

Whatever age our kids may be, these are a few great options for #AfterSchoolSnacks that the whole family can enjoy.


You can also get some Bagel Bites coupons and Delimex coupons and scoop up the savings on your next shopping trip.


What are some of your favorite quick snacks for after school?





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