Real Simple Real Diapers Week – Cloth Diapering 101

Real Simple Real Diapers Week – Cloth Diapering 101


I will be the first to say, when I made the decision to use cloth diapers, I was a bit overwhelmed.  We didn’t start using cloth diapers until our daughter was at least 4 months old, but I don’t think it was quite that young.

I work from home and thought, why not.  I began researching diapers and realized there were quite a lot of choices to make!  What style diapers, pockets, AIO’s, prefolds, etc.  Then I had to decide what brand.  How many diapers do I need to get?  So many questions and I didn’t know where to look for answers.  There were so many places to look and so much information, so many reviews, and I couldn’t make sense of it all.

I kept calling John and it was driving him crazy.  I was surprised by the initial investment moneywise.  I was limited to 4 diapers to start.  Then I couldn’t decide, should I order a bunch of one brand, or all different ones?  In the end, I decided to start with 4 different brands.  The only thing I was sure of was that I wanted One Size Diapers.  That made the most sense to me.  I figured, okay, I will order a few different brands and then decide what I want to build my stash out of….and what did that really mean to me at the time anyways.

The lingo can be confusing at first.  I ended up ordering through Kelly’s Closet.  I was a sucker for the promotion of a free diaper and they have a huge selection!  When I got the diapers in the mail, I still had no idea what to do with them.  I was excited to use them though.  I felt “cool” because I was going to put cloth diapers on my daughter.  They were so darn cute!  Our first diapers were a Fuzzibunz in Crushed Berries which is still one of our favorites, a Bum Genius (which was also the free diaper I received), a Knickernappies, and a Happy Heiny’s.  I put them on her every day and then used disposables.   Pretty much right off the bat, I would save the cloth diapers for people to see when we were going to be out somewhere, do you see the addiction beginning?

I quickly learned that I would never decide on just one brand!  There are too many to choose from.  Slowly, we built our stash so that she could wear cloth all day long.  Now, we have at least 50 diapers.  I am thoroughly addicted!

What I think you should know if you are considering using cloth diapers….

Start small.  You don’t have to make a final decision right away.  Get a few and see what works for you.

If there is a local store, go there and check it out.  I wish I had known there was one close by.  It probably wouldn’t have taken me a week to make a decision if I could have seen them.

It is a lot of trial and error.  Ask questions.  Find the website that you feel supports you.  For me, it was facebook page.  They are fantastic and very helpful!

Be prepared to be addicted!!!! 


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