Recycle Your Old Breast Pump with the Medela Recycles Program

Every year after our garage sale, we usually just pack up everything and donate it to the Salvation Army or whoever else will come pick it all up.  This year as I looked at the amounts of clothes, shoes and other stuff, I looked at my sister and said, hey, there has to be a way that we can really help some people out with this stuff.  Let’s look into women’s shelters or homeless shelters and see what we can do.  I had 2 breast pumps in the to go box because I have 3 pumps and really don’t need that many.  Neither of them sold and I was sure a women’s shelter would take them.  I was wrong.  They are still sitting there in the garage as I try to figure out what to do with them.  No organization will take used personal pumps because they cannot be completely sterilized, creating a potential risk of cross-contamination even when using a new kit or tubing.  For more information about sharing breastpumps, visit Medela.
Sometimes the answer to questions just show up in your inbox.  When I received an email with information about recycling my no longer needed breast pumps I was thrilled!  Finally I could put them to good use.  Let me tell you about the program.


It’s called Medela Recycles.  The program is focused on allowing moms who no longer need their breastpumps to be able to help moms who desperately need one.  Every pump received through Medela Recycles supports the donation of two new hospital-grade, multi-use breastpumps and supplies to Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®).  This will allow moms staying at theRonald McDonald House the consistency of the same high-quality equipment they use at the hospital, making caring for their baby in the NICU a little less stressful.  Each month, a RMHC House will receive a donation of two new Symphony Preemie+ Breastpumps thanks to the mothers that are recycling their old pumps through Medela Recycles.


Visit the FAQ page for answers to your questions.  To get started, print your pre-paid postage label to donate your Medela pump.  I love knowing that I can help out a new mom who will hopefully have a fantastic breastfeeding journey.


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