Rockin’ the Boba Diaper Dude Baby Carrier {+Giveaway}

If It weren’t for babywearing, I have no idea how I would make it with two little ones!  With my daughter, I didn’t wear her too much, but with Charlie, that’s way different!  I would never get anything done without wearing him.  It’s his favorite place to sleep and that works well for us since we are out and about quite often.  Since he was born, I got a lot of grief, from family especially.  They all are of the mindset that they should always sleep in their crib, not in my lap or bed, or in a carrier.   Yeah…..that doesn’t quite work for us.

If you are new to baby wearing – here are some of the amazing benefits for you and baby.  

  • Better communication – this is especially awesome if you do EC, nobody wants to be peed on!
  • Creates confident parents
  • Is convenient – so much less to lug around than a carseat!
  • You can safely doing things like hike, walk, etc. without worry about dropping baby
  • It’s healthy for you – think better workouts {including a babywearing workout}
  • Discreet breastfeeding
  • Allows you to spend time with your older children easier
  • Keeps baby away from stray hands and germs
  • Less crying because their needs are met quickly
  • Healthier babies!
  • Better view of the world!
  • Babies become independent quicker
  • Sleep better
  • Learn more
  • Babies are happier!

The Boba diaper dude I reviewed is amazing!  To start with, let’s all go gaga over the color!  I love the camo.  We love to hunt, so the camo is our style.  John is never too excited about anything that we get to review, but he was pretty excited about this one.

First and foremost, a carrier has to be comfortable or it just isn’t worth using.  I’m happy to say, Boba got it right!  Even my sister and cousin agree and they both have neck and back troubles.  Here’s a story:

But, I think I made a babywearing fan the other day.  Our carriers have gotten a lot of work lately.  We had the garage sale at my sisters….then moved it to our house.  Softball has started, usually at bedtime or close to it.  Then, we went to track and field day just the other day with my sister to watch my niece and nephew.  Charlie man fell asleep right before lunch time and was sleeping in my arms after nursing.  I had to take Maggie to the bathroom, so I handed him to my sister to hold.  She was loving up on the snuggles!  He stayed asleep but it was time to go watch the kids again.  I told her we could just put the Boba right around them as she was holding him, so that’s what we did.  Now, a few years ago, my sister was in a car accident and can’t handle things on her neck, or usually her back, so we weren’t sure how it would go.  Good news!  It didn’t bother her at all.  When I first put it on her, she said, wow, this is really comfortable and way easier than carrying him.  She said, “I could never understand how or why you put him in the carriers so often.  Now I do.”  See, I made a believer out of her.

Short stuff sister with back and neck pain comfortably wearing the Boba.  You can see how the carrier hugs baby into you.

The Boba Diaper Dude fits comfortably for people 5’0″ up to 6’3″ but I can say that it does fit comfortably for my sister who is 4’11.  The range of the waistband is 25″ – 58″ so it will fit a wide range of wearers.  The shoulder straps feel like they sit farther out on my shoulders.  It makes me think that it’s the perfect carrier for broad shouldered people {daddy perhaps}.  Read on for the review and check out my video for more info on the features as well as how to put your child in the front and back carry.

Onto the rest of the awesome features.  Everything about the Boba Diaper Dude is easily adjustable which I find especially important when you are putting your precious cargo in it and need to be comfortable.  While wearing the carrier, you can quickly and easily adjust the chest strap and shoulder straps.  I love the adjustability of the shoulder straps because there are times when Charlie needs to nurse and I am doing something.  The fact that I can just loosen the straps a little and he can nurse has been a lifesaver more than once!  The carrier is designed to hug your little one, and it looks like it hugs them, right into your body.  It’s so sweet!  During our garage sale, I can’t tell you how many comments I got on how comfy he looked in it.  The “sliders” {my term} that the straps adjust on allow for the easy adjusting, but also keep it from slipping.  Once you have adjusted the straps to where you want them, they can be rolled up and secured using the elastic bands on each strap so you don’t have tons of dangly parts to get in the way.

I realize now that my sister had the strap crooked

One thing I noticed a big difference in was that the back of the carrier rises 2-3″ higher than many other similar carriers.  I found this especially comforting while wearing Charlie on my back.  I always felt like he was secure.

Some other features worth noting – the removable sleeping hood.  Love love love it!!!  Charlie really loves being in the Boba.  Usually, he is asleep in minutes, sometimes before I even have him fully strapped in.  I hate seeing his head droop to the side or backwards.  I feel him snuggle up against my back and get ready to snap the hood on.  He sleeps comfortably, and lets me know when he is awake because then the hood makes him mad, hehe.  I had a tough time getting the hood snapped by myself at first in the back carry, but once I realized it was much easier to stick the hood into the pocket leaving the straps out, then it was much easier.  With four different snap settings and an adjustable strap, the hood will fit over any size baby.  The hood can be removed and stored in the pouch it snaps into.   The hood also makes a great cover from the sun.  Also in this pouch are snaps to allow for adjustable head support to secure baby’s head.

The removable foot straps.  As with everything else on the Boba, they are adjustable  Simply unsnap completely and slide the straps out of the loop if you want them off.  To adjust them, snap them together where you want them using at least 2 snaps.  To move them forward or backwards, simply slide them along the hidden cord.  Charlie is hit or miss with whether he wants to use the footstraps, so we just follow his lead.

Shoulder strap holders.  If you need to carry a purse or diaper bag while using the carrier, of course Boba makes it easy!  Just unsnap, place your purse, and snap it back together.  I don’t usually carry the diaper bag if I’m using the carrier, so generally, this spot has been used more for teethers or toys that we snap on.  There is one on each shoulder strap.

Storage pockets.  A must have!  Especially if you aren’t carrying a purse or diaper bag.  The zippered pocket along the bottom of the carrier is perfect for storing my keys, license, bank card, and who knows what else.  The pouch where the hood is stored is great because it is a little bigger, measuring _x_.  There are elastic bands on either side of the inside of this pouch where you can hook your keys or whatever else it may be.  Above where the foot straps are attached is a small pocket on each side of the carrier which I think is perfect for things like chapstick which I need all the time!

You can also adjust the carrier to make it suitable for newborns without any extra pieces.  Here is a quick video on how to do it.  It takes a few minutes, and isn’t ideal if you switch regularly between carrying a newborn and an older infant or toddler in it.

Boba newborn

I can only say wonderful things about our Boba.  I love the camo with the bright orange stitching.  I love the comfort of the carrier, and I love how high the back of the carrier is.  Charlie and I use our Boba almost daily and even daddy likes the print.

Buy it:  Visit Boba and get your very own carrier today!  To stay up to date on Boba fun, be sure to like them on Facebook.

Win a Boba Carrier, Boba Wrap, or Boba Air.  Ends May 31st.  Good luck!

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