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So – no surprise, I’m a game addict and I’m passing it on to my kids – yay! Well, I shared a post with the games we played tonight and got a lot of questions which made me think – hey Shannon – why not share them with you readers too? So, here we are. I’ll try to post weekly but, who knows!

Tonight, the kids and I played three games – Allowance, Professor Noggin’s Horses, and a new game – Froggy Fractions {like, real new – it showed up from Amazon as we were playing games tonight}. Here’s a little bit about them. But first – the kids ages may be useful to you. We have a houseful – 10, 8, 8, 7, and 6 years old. Pretty great grouping for some family game time.

Allowance is a great game to count money. This is how my older two learned to count money. We skipped right over the stuff in the workbooks to learn it and just played games. They are great at counting money so I say this game works.  As you travel around the game board, you earn money or pay money all as you try to be the first player to collect $20 to win the game.  

Professor Noggin’s Horses is an awesome game. We were lucky enough to get ours for free because it is out of print but I know I’ve seen it on Amazon before so I’m sharing the link.  As of this moment that I type this, it’s unavailable but I’m sure that will change.  It’s a fun trivia game about horses.  Roll the dice, choose easy or hard and answer the numbered question.  Get it right, keep the card.  Get it wrong, add it back to the deck.  Whoever gets the most cards, wins!  Simple enough and easy to play with any number of players.  We love the Professor Noggin’s games and play them in the car when we have to go somewhere.  My daughter reads them and we take turns answering them.  There are tons of different topics from animals, to presidents, history, science, art and more.

Froggy Fractions I just ordered because when my daughter was doing her review the other day, you could tell she forgot some of what she had learned.  I figured what better refresher than a new game!  This is like 7 games in one – lots of variations.  And while it says ages 9+, there are versions in the instructions for 7+. The games vary a lot so even kids just getting introduced to fractions can play.  There are also two sided squares shaded different colors for you to use as manipulative as you learn.  

So – these are our Saturday night games for this week.  Tune in next week to see what we are playing.  I’m considering becoming a Simply Fun games consultant – I’d love to hear your thoughts about that.  See you next week!

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