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One thing I look for when it comes to finding a curriculum that we use is flexibility. When I had the opportunity to review – I had to check it out. There are so many options that I was excited about it immediately. There are about a bazillion different classes to choose from so I can find pretty much anything we are looking for. We have found a ton of classes that we are excited to work through – as a one on one class with the kids or as a family.

We have the the the Ultimate Annual Yearly Membership that allows us access to all of the 425+ classes, World Book Tools, Course Tracker, Grade Reporting, Report Cards, Portfolio Assistance, Attendance, Scheduler, Videos, and Transcripts. With new classes added regularly, the kids and I all have opportunities to grow and learn.

Maggie and I have been working through the Little Language Arts course. I really like that the lesson plan is clearly laid out for you. When you look at the top, it tells you the class length in days or weeks and also the recommended schedule. Each lesson is clearly labeled with a check mark so you as the teacher can cross off the lessons as you go. The lesson plans are easy to follow with a structure that teaches, practices and reinforces it. The lesson plan pages also include lessons by day where your child can have some accountability for what they are responsible for doing. They check it off as they go, date it and can see when that lesson is complete. We are having some silly fun with this class as we rhyme silly words or read some fun poetry.

Another class we did together as a family was the Donkey Ollie. One of the things I really love about is the wide variety of Bible lessons. We started each day with an episode of Donkey Ollie and the kids are hooked. Part of this membership includes access to over 450¬†great videos. Our favorite is RightNowMedia and the wide variety of Bible-based shows, studies and more. My kids {8, 6 and 4} love Donkey Ollie. He takes them on an adventure to learn about the Bible. I also love the other storybooks that can be used along with it. My kids are currently reading through learning the Lord’s prayer. Since they love Ollie, this is just plain fun for them and a great start to our day.

The third class we have worked through so far was a quick one. My six-year-old did the All About Maps class. He loves art so this was a really fun one that he was so excited about.

These are the classes we have used so far but we are gearing up to work on a few more. Here are the next classes we will be doing:

  • Elementary Economics for First Grade {we will be doing this with both my six and eight-year-old}
  • American History in Picture Books – this is going to be super fun for us. We love to read and we read through a ton of books every week. I love that stories give us the opportunity to slow down, snuggle up and learn something together. This class also has some links to the libraries of World Book. This is an amazing resource. The World Book gives you access to ten different libraries. World Book online has even more than you would ever expect. From games, research, and so much more – you will use this almost every day. I really enjoy the ease of having some printable outline maps to use for our lessons. Finding quality ones that work for us has always been a challenge.
  • Learning Across the USA – if I could, I would load up the kids and travel the world to learn about it but for now, we’ll do this class. It has some super fun ideas to make the class exciting and I’m super excited to start our first day.
  • Great Musicians – Before bedtime every night, I tell Alexa to play a certain style of music. Reggae, rap, country, classical, etc.. This has always been a fun way to introduce the different styles of music to them and this class will be perfect for digging a little deeper into some of the musicians.
  • Camping with Jesus or Learning About Character Traits – probably both. Camping with Jesus will be fun for the kids because it utilizes the videos available with membership.

The classes for the kids are great. Having access from preschool up through 12th grade is fabulous. Know what is even better? The parent resource section. How are you looking to grow? Organization? Relationships? Parenting? You can find them all in the parent resource section. When I sit and relax at night {ha!} I like to turn on something that will help me grow as a woman, a mom and a person in God’s world. I’ll be starting the video series on Raising Faithful Kids next week, wanna join me?

Overall РI love We have access to so many classes and so much information all for a great price. I love having the flexibility to adapt the classes to work for all of us together. Make sure you check out the bookmark option to save the ones you love.  Save some $$$ now with this coupon code. Quality Online Homeschool Resources { Reviews}
I hope this review helped you understand a bit more about and answered some of your questions. Click the image below to read more of my fellow bloggers reviews of If you have used it – what are some of your favorite classes? Quality Online Homeschool Resources { Reviews}

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