Slip, Slide and Paint This Summer

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I kind of want to jump up and down with excitement over how much fun we have been having this summer.  The weather has been so incredible this year.  I can’t remember the last year we were able to spend this much time outside enjoying the summer as much as we have this year.  The last few years we had stormy days and wasps that would dive bomb us if we set foot outside after about 10 am.  Not this year though.  From the time we get up until we go to bed we have been outside.  We made a make shift waterpark for the kids, we work in the garden, ride our bikes, play ball and so much more!  I love it all as much as the kids do, and I love coming up with something different to make some days even more fun than others.  Last week we made a paint slip and slide in the front yard when the kids’ friends were over.  They had so much fun!  I couldn’t wait for them to slip, slide and paint themselves.

How to make a DIY Paint Slip and Slide
The entire thing took about ten minutes for us to set up, and probably would have taken less time if it hadn’t been kind of windy out.  I’m excited to tell you how to make it so your kids can have as much fun as ours did.  I won’t lie – I really wanted to go down it too, it looked like so much fun!  When I started spreading the paint around, the kids surrounded me like a pack of wolves because they wanted to do that part themselves, haha.

Before I get started though, there is something you should know about me.  I love messes.    Well, not quite messes, but I love doing fun things that result in messes.  That’s when you know you have had some fun.  I had grabbed some white t-shirts for the kids because……who doesn’t want to take a brand new white shirt and make a mess of it?

paint slip and slideOkay – so let’s get started.  Take your roll of plastic and spread it out as wide and long as you want it.  We spread ours all the way out and used two rolls to make it even longer.  I had a bunch of extra tent stakes around so I used those to hold the plastic in place.  I placed them as close to the edges as possible for maximum slip and slide room.  I pounded them down as far as they would go.paint slip and slide

Next up – grab your paint.  Whatever colors you want.  We used a bunch of colors – one for each of the kids to make it even more fun.  Spread it around all over the plastic.  I started out making fun shapes and patterns and lines with the paint but the kids took over as soon as they could and had a blast painting the plastic.

paint slip and slideBust open those brand new white shirts and put them on everybody that plans to slip and slide.

paint slip and slideAs if the paint isn’t enough fun, now you get to turn the hose on.  Personally, I think you should spray the kids down to make them extra slippery.  Then, spread some dish soap around the top of the plastic to make it extra slippery.  Start spraying down your slip and slide and let the games begin.  Listen to the giggles that mean you are making some awesome summer memories and enjoy the fun.  They will love messing up a brand new white shirt.

paint slip and slideMy original plan was to have them lay down on some giant sheets of paper to make a painting……then I realized how much that idea was destined to fail because, well, you know – paper and water just didn’t want to play together.  After the kids made it down the slip and slide and were covered in paint, they came up and laid on the concrete driveway hoping that it would paint the driveway, but it only worked a little bit.  That’s alright though, they were having so much fun getting messy they just wanted to go right back down the slip and slide.paint slip and slide

Materials needed

~ Painters plastic roll

~ White t-shirts

~Goggles {just to be sure they don’t get paint in those little eyes}


~Dish Soap {optional}

~Tent Stakes

~Hose / Water

paint slip and slide


~Spread plastic roll out to desired width and length.  I had two rolls of 10 ft by 25 ft plastic.

~Push tent stakes into ground as far as possible, staying near the edge of the plastic.

~Spread paint over plastic.  {The kids will love helping with this step}.

~Get kids {or adults} ready for the slip and slide with their white shirts and goggles.

~Turn on water and let the slipping and sliding begin!

all in store photo

Serious – ten minutes to fun!  We picked up all of our materials at Walmart.  Now, while I love to make a mess, I also love being able to reuse things.  That’s why I wanted to try out all® POWERCORE™ Pacs Plus Removes Tough Odors detergent but there is also all® POWERCORE™ Pacs OXI.  I loved watching them have fun painting their new white shirts, but I’d love to let them repeat this experience over and over without getting new shirts every time.  I wanted a detergent that could really get them clean so they could use them again the next time.  This is the first ever powder – liquid combination pack to provide superior whitening and brightening to your clothes.  Following the exact directions on the packaging, look at how clean our shirts are!


Now that the laundry is done, our shirts are clean and we are back home from our exciting 4th of July weekend, it’s time to get out the paint and our shirts again and have some more fun.  It’s suppose to be a hot one this week and we are ready for it.


Are you a mess maker?  What are your favorite ways to make a big old mess that the kids will remember forever?  I can’t wait how you let your kids be kids and make this the best summer yet.

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