Smush Tush One Size Diaper Review

Smush Tush One Size Diaper Review

So awhile back, I introduced you to an amazing lady – Kathryn of Smush Tush diapers.  Well, not only did she send me a newborn diaper cover to review, she also sent me a One Size Pocket Diaper to review! 
Kathryn is mommy to two little smushes as she calls them, under the age of 3, and a part time pediatric RN.  What a busy mama!  She is a big believer in cloth diapers.  For her, nothing makes more sense than saving money, keeping our landfills free from everlasting disposable diaper garbage, and of course, there is nothing cuter than fluffy tushes! 
She also donates $1 from every Smush Tush sale into a morale fund for pediatric patients at a local Portland Children’s Hospital.  So if you are looking for a great reason to buy more fluff – there you go – donate to a great cause! 

 We received this peace, love and rock and roll diaper and it is oh so cute! *Note – these diapers do not include an insert.  The inserts are available for purchase so you can customize your absorbency.  This review is on the diaper only!*  Some of the peace signs even say peace, love or rock n’ roll in them.  We don’t have many boy print diapers yet, so we get lots of use out of this one for the little guy.  It’s a great gender netural diaper!

Each diaper comes with an instruction card snapped to the diaper.  They also come with prepping and washing instructions.  I was happy to see that.  I know when I was starting out, I didn’t know what I had to do and looked at each diaper I ordered to see what I had to do.  The Smush Tush label is completely sewn onto the diaper which I really like.  I hate when the tag is only sewn on one side and it flips up and irritates my babies skin. 

This diaper has a double row of 8 snaps across allowing for a customizable fit on any child every time.  There are 4 snaps on each wing – a double row of 2 snaps.  Because of all of these awesome snap options, the fit is fantastic.  This is the only diaper we have with 4 snaps on each wing.  Because of the 4 snaps, it takes an extra half second to put on, and John doesn’t use this one as much because of that.

There are 4 different rise settings on this diaper to allow it to fit from about 10 pounds through potty training. The outside of the diaper is made from polyurethane laminate (PUL) fabric that is waterproof  and breathable to minimize diaper rash, hypoallergenic, stretchy, abrasion – resistant, fade – resistant, lead free, Bisphenol – A (BPA) free and phalatate free.  Plus – these babies are made in the USA!

Kathryn has an awesome guarantee on her diapers.  The leg and pocket elastic are triple stitched and guaranteed forever.  The snaps are reinforced and are also guaranteed forever. 

The elastic on the pocket opening on this diaper is plenty big for easy stuffing.  I like how gentle the elastic is on their little legs and back.  It works wonderfully, yet doesn’t leave red marks.  One of my favorite things about our Smush Tush diaper is that the inside is made from a super soft blue – gray minky fabric.  I’m not sure why I love it so much that the inside is a different color and coordinates with the diaper, but I love it!

I also love that it has a double set of crossover snaps for that extra small waist.  And to keep with the color coordinating theme, all of the snaps are a coordinating color as well. 

On Charlie
On Charlie, 2 months old
On Maggie
On Maggie, 2 years old

We love this diaper so much!  We wear it on Charlie man or Maggie every time it is clean.  We tried different inserts in the diaper, and had leak free days every time.  I have to say, this is one of my favorite diapers.  The fit just looks so great on both kids every time.   If you are looking for some great diapers with a not-seen-everyday type of print – be sure to check out Smush Tush Cloth Diapers

Smush Tush Diapers are cute, contemporary, convenient, cush.  Each one is unique.  May all of your tushes be cushed by Smush! 


Be sure to shop around and see the fluffy goodness!  She even does custom orders, so if there is something you really want – let her know!

What is your favorite diaper print in your stash?

*Disclosure:  I received the product mentioned above courtesy of Smush Tush Cloth Diapers for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own and only influenced by my experience with the company and the product.*


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