So grateful for the health of my family!

My entire life, my family has been blessed with mostly good health.  Some ups and downs, but we have avoided life threatening illness.  That is not something I take for granted.  In fact, I start all of my prayers for my children at night thanking God for their health and safety.

Each year, the radio station does the St. Jude radiothon.  I’m always torn.  It’s my favorite station, but the stories of heartbreak, success, lives lost, and the million emotions that come with it bring me to tears.  Whether listening to a happy ending, or a heartbreak story, I cry.  Sometimes, I just have to turn it off.  I remember a few years ago, watching a friend go through losing her husband to cancer.  It was hard to watch happen, and I realized the need for better treatments and more research.  The only time this has ever struck my family (thank God) was my Grandpa.  I will continue praying for the health of my loved ones. 

Recently, I heard about cureLauncher.  A company that brings leading medical researchers and private donors together in an effort to advance medical treatments for cancer.   cureLauncher invests money into treatments and connect those in need to leading researchers who are working to save lives.  World class researchers are working to find a cure and you can help!  When you donate to cancer research at cureLauncher, YOU choose where your money goes.  Some places, you donate your money, only to find out it isn’t really going towards what you thought it would.  At cureLauncher, that won’t happen.  91% of the money you donate goes directly to advancing the treatment.  Put the power of funding tomorrows cures today into your hands. 

If you need treatment, cureLauncher can get you into a FREE clinical trial and help to save your life!

*Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post.  I received compensation for this post, however, all opinions are 100% my own.*

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