Sponsor Spotlight: Baby Babu *Review*

Sponsor Spotlight: Baby Babu *Review*

I am excited to bring to you a new brand of cloth diapers

 Joe from Baby Babu was kind enough to send me the Ruff Ruff print which we immediately fell in love with.   I barely had it open and Maggie kept trying to steal it because she loves dogs so much!  Joe is also being very generous and offering 2 of my fabulous readers a chance to win one of their diapers!  
About Baby Babu
  Founded in Melbourne, Florida by Joe and Hope, the parents of twin boys, Baby Babu’s goals are to provide high quality, sustainable and affordable diapering solutions and related products to parents worldwide.  Baby Babu also strives to provide the highest degree of customer service and the highest quality products available. 
Not only does Baby Babu offer cloth diapers and accessories, but they also carry biodegradable, hypoallergenic, chemical – free disposable diapers as well.
About the diaper
  The doggy cloth pocket diaper comes with a 3 layer super absorbant insert, waterproof PUL cover, adjustable snaps for sizing from 8-35+ pounds, double gussets and two pocket openings.
All Baby Babu pocket diapers come with TWO openings to stuff the inner pocket.  Two openings allow the insert to agitate itself out in the wash, keeping mom and dad from having to pull out a dirty insert.  Each diaper wing has 3 button snaps to ensure a secure but comfortable fit.  The double leg gussets help prevent leaks and blowouts!  

Notice the tongue hanging out the dogs mouth 🙂

Maggie did not want me taking pictures, she wanted to play with it.  The diaper came with 2 inserts!

My experience with Baby Babu Pocket Diapers
This has quickly become a favorite in our house!  First off, we love the print.  Dogs are always a big hit with my daughter.  Not only is the dog adorable, it has a little tongue hanging out of its mouth which Maggie thinks  is hilarious.  She actually talks to this diaper, that’s how much she loves it.  

The first feature I love is the double gussets to contain messes.  The dog is sewn into only the outer layer of the PUL, not the inner layer, so there is no worry that it will leak from that.  I like the two pocket openings so the diaper can agitate itself out in the wash and that the insert snaps in.  This is especially nice at night because it seems to me the inserts tend to shift during the night in most diapers.  I love the soft inside of the diaper.   

Can we say adorable?                            Back pocket opening

Great fit all around – no gaps

                                              Very snug fit

Front pocket opening where insert is able to be snapped in

The wings on this diaper are shorter than most, for some reason, I love this feature.  It seems to ensure a tighter fit every single time I put this diaper on her.  The elastic on the Baby Babu is very gentle and leaves no red marks.  The snap to ensure a snug thigh fit is a great feature as well.  

What I would change about the Baby Babu diaper
Not much at all really.  I love love love this diaper.  The insert comes unsnapped in the wash, which is fine, but I wish it would stay snapped in so I don’t have to search for the right insert when I stuff diapers.  The pocket openings on this diaper are somewhat small which doesn’t present a problem for me, but may for some.  The elastic on the back opening is very stretchy though, so shouldn’t present a problem.  

I would recommend this diaper to anybody.  Not only is the Baby Babu super adorable, but it works great, never leaks and is very affordable.  

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Want a Baby Babu of your own ?

Buy it  
Use coupon code TRYUS10 for 10 % off all of Baby Babu’s products.  PLUS free shipping on orders over $50.

Win one here on my blog every month for the next year!  Winners will have their choice of a Boy / Girl / Gender Neutral diaper.


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