Spring Cleaning Room by Room Day 2 – Bedrooms

Spring Cleaning Room by Room Day 2 – Bedrooms

Spring is officially here, so welcome to day 2 of room by room cleaning.  I hope you were able to get your bathrooms cleaned yesterday! Today, we tackle bedrooms.

I don’t know about your house, but our bedrooms tend to be a collect all for things that we need to stash!  It gets really bad when we have tons of people over, like this last weekend.  You can barely walk in our room right now.  So, let’s get rid of the clutter.

  • Remove and wash bed linens and draperies
  • Dust the ceiling fan and window blinds
  • Wipe down all furniture and decor
  • Vacuum
  • Switch out winter clothes for spring clothing
  • Donate or sell seldom worn clothes
  • Organize dresser drawers, especially socks and lingerie
  • Clean and vacuum under the bed

For the complete room by room cleaning checklist now – go here.

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