Spring in March?

Spring in March?

Tuesday was an absolutely gorgeous day out!  It ended up hitting 59 degrees in March….in Minnesota.  Little Miss Maggie has had a bad cold lately, and her nose wouldn’t quit running, so we haven’t been outside much.  Boy am I glad that her nose quit running so we could go outside and not constantly be wiping her poor little nose!  This was her first chance seeing spring, and it was so adorable!  
She got so excited right away that she went running part way down the driveway with the dog and walked back up, she looks like such a big girl walking back by herself.  When she saw where the water was running, she stopped, looked down and said -Oooooh and pointed.  I thought she would bend down and play in it, but then she discovered the fun of stomping in puddles!  Love it!!!  This is what being a kid is all about.  
Being the little explorer that she is, she had to check out the snow since she really hasn’t been able to play in the snow much this year since we haven’t had any.  She did really, really good walking in the snow….until she fell down.  She’s really tough though, so she didn’t cry.  Just looked up at me with her snow covered hands.  
She especially liked walking in and out of the garage because the water was dripping off of our roof onto her head.  Silly little girl!  
Do you live in a snowy place?   Has your little one experienced spring yet?  I’d love to hear about their little adventures!


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