Stanley Steemer *Review and Giveaway*

Stanley Steemer *Review and Giveaway*

Come on, sing it with me…Stanley Steemer gets your home cleaner.  I know you have heard the jingle, and I bet now that it is stuck in your head.

We have dogs.  Two of them actually, and they shed.  Alot.  Not only that, we live in a very sandy area and they lay in it, then come in and lay on the carpet.  At least on the wood floors, you can see it immediately and clean it up quickly.  Not as easy on the carpet.  Oh yeah, and I have a toddler.  And a baby boy, who spits up and pees on my carpet much more often than I would like.  Needless to say, our carpets look horrible.  Seriously, I’m a bit embarrassed for you to see the before picture – so don’t judge me, I really do clean them a lot.  In fact, we vacuum daily and use the carpet cleaner about every other month.  It still gets dirty, very very dirty.  And did I mention that we are hosting Christmas and our carpets were disgusting! 

When I had the opportunity to have Stanley Steemer clean my carpets, I was overjoyed.  They needed a good cleaning so badly.  And this way, I could see the difference between what our carpet cleaner does and what a professional can do.  The plan was, to wash it with ours, and then have them come in so I could show you an immediate difference, but that didn’t work out.  John had to go back to work, and I was not doing that!  I have enough cleaning to do without making more work for myself!  But, Stanley Steemer made an amazing difference!  No joking, I thought about never ever allowing the dogs on our carpet again, but thought that would be mean.

The guys that came out to clean our carpets were great.   You know how sometimes when you have repairmen in your home and it’s kind of uncomfortable?  Well, not the case.  The guys were social, explained some other things I could do to protect my carpet and worked quickly.  I had to laugh when I paid with a gift certificate because they had no idea that they even existed! There were two spots that didn’t come clean completely, but I wasn’t surprised.  One was where the dog lays all the time, the other was from a hutch that the previous owners had and we had shampooed it at least 20 times and it was still there, but other than that,  the carpet looked AMAZING!!  Until it dried.  Then, I wasn’t so sure.  There were some streaks that I couldn’t explain and they were in straight lines.  So, I called Stanley Steemer back and had my game face on.  I was prepared to do battle to get them back out here and fix those streaks.  Turns out, I could put my game face away.  I explained the streaks and the lady on the phone said that was why they have a 10 day guarantee.  Something like that isn’t noticeable until the carpet dries completely and is usually caused by a plugged jet.  She immediately scheduled a time for somebody to come back out.

The guys that came back out where great.  They asked where the spots were that I was talking about, but they cleaned the entire area again.  And, they wore booties to protect our carpet which was nice.  They quickly cleaned our carpet again.  They also cleaned in a different direction to be sure they got the streaks out.  Then when they were done, they left booties for us to wear so we could go on the carpet while it was damp if we needed to.

 Very gross dog spot BEFORE – remember, no judging! 

AFTER – you can’t even tell in the pictures that the dog spot didn’t come 100% clean, that’s how great of a job they did!


The experts at Stanley Steemer are certified to remove more than 98 % of dry soil from floors – much more than self cleaning methods.  And with more than 60 years as the dirt authority, you can bet they know what they are doing.  The water extraction process provides a deep-down clean, perfect for cleaning up before or after the holidays. 
Plus, they do more than just carpets.  If you need your hardwood, tile, air ducts cleaned, or water damage restoration, or just about anything….give Stanley Steemer a call. 

To help you see through the dirt that lurks in your home and really make it merry and bright, the experts in the field from Stanley Steemer offer these holiday tips for maintaining a cleaner, healthier home:
With the holidays come the house guests
Reduce the amount of dirt and mud that may get tracked into your home by using indoor and outdoor entrance mats.
Pickup in a flash
Why deny the inevitable? At some point this season you’ll deal with red wine, gravy, pine needles or candle wax drippings on the carpet. Remember to act quickly to clean up any spills or stains; consider keeping a professional spot remover handy at all time or use items commonly found around the home such as white vinegar and baking soda.
Dirt is the ultimate scrooge
Keep up with the high traffic areas in the home, especially during entertaining season, by vacuuming them two to three times a week and the rest of your carpets at least once a week.

We are very satisfied with Stanley Steemer and feel they did a great job getting our carpets clean.  When John got home and saw them, he was very happy with it too.  If you are looking to get your carpets clean in time for the holidays, or after the holidays, I highly recommend these guys.  I was very happy that the service was so good and they were able to fix the streaks without any problems.

Ready to schedule your appointment?  

*The Stanley Steemer gift certificate, information, and two gift packs have been provided by Stanley Steemer.  All opinions are 100% my own and based only on my experience with the company and service I received.*

Oh yeah, any of you interested in winning $100 from Stanley Steemer to get your home cleaner?  The great folks at Stanley Steemer want to give you a chance to win!  
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Good luck!  

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