Stephanie Bausworth Photography

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I’m pretty sure that by now you know, I think I have the cutest kids in the whole wide world.  I feel that way at least a hundred times a day.  I think they look cute in my pictures, but let’s face it, I am not a professional photographer.  Lucky for me, Stephanie is….and she is amazing!  I challenged her back in March…..remember that huge group shot of my family? Well, she handled our group so well.  I am pretty sure she was intimidated by us when she first walked in, we are a bit crazy!  But, you could just tell she was having fun with it.  Even when the pictures we wanted were all finished, she let us get a little crazy and have a lot of fun.  See?

Stephanie Bausworth PhotographyStephanie Bausworth Photography

You know what I really love?  Stephanie will meet you anywhere.  Okay, maybe not anywhere, I’m sure she has limits, but who knows.  Anyways, we live right next to a wildlife refuge and it is full of amazing places to take pictures outdoors.  John and I had found this spot earlier, and so we decided to take the pictures here.  You probably won’t notice it much in the pictures, but Charlie man was NOT in the mood for this.  Oh yeah, and she took what very well may be my favorite picture of Maggie ever!

Stephanie Bausworth PhotographyStephanie Bausworth Photography


I really love how Stephanie manages to get pictures of my kids and they don’t look so posed.  In many of the pictures, she just captures the moment.  Love!!!!  And, she doesn’t just take a few pictures, she takes a lot – which means when that CD {yes, you actually get a CD with ALL of your pictures, a must have for me} comes, I get some great shots showing what was actually going on!  I love those sequence shots that tell a story.

Stephanie Bausworth Photography

Stephanie Bausworth Photography

Stephanie Bausworth Photography Stephanie Bausworth PhotographyStephanie Bausworth Photography

We have used a few different photographers over the last few years, but I really love when Stephanie does our pictures.  I know she enjoys what she does.  I noticed that about her when I first met her and she was checking out the space in the house where we would be doing the pictures.  She showed up when I was frosting cookies with Maggie and Stephanie and her daughter were talking with me and she said – I wish I had brought my camera, these would be great pictures.  This little blurb from her Facebook page really captures what she is trying to capture.

You are amazing. You are beautiful. Just the way you are.

During our photo session we will smile, we will laugh, we will have fun.

We will be in natural, gorgeous settings.

We will be spontaneous.

And my job will be to capture you being the beautiful, amazing you.


Stephanie Bausworth Photography is  affordable – a huge bonus in my book.  She really loves doing outdoor photos and capturing your spontaneous moments.


She did such a great job with our whole large group, that she now takes pictures of the youngest member of the family every month for his first year.  So far, she is up to month 6 and everybody is loving the cute pictures of little Hunter.  Seriously – are you dying from cuteness yet?

Stephanie Bausworth Photography

Enough talking already, the picture speak for themselves, so go check out Stephanie Bausworth Photography on Facebook {go ahead and click that “like” button – or if you see one you love, how about that “share” button} and see some more of her work – wanna see my favorite picture?  If you are in Minnesota, set that appointment and have some fun getting those pictures taken.  I know we did!


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