Stinking cute diapers from Rumpkinz *Sponsor Spotlight* #switchtocloth

Stinking cute diapers from Rumpkinz *Sponsor Spotlight* #switchtocloth

I have been wanting a diaper that has two different patterns on it for awhile now, so when Rumpkinz decided to send me one, I anxiously awaited the arrival.  Now, let me preface this next part by telling you that I am very sleep deprived, and tend to do silly things before I realize what I’m doing.  When the diaper arrived, I pulled it out and thought, oh no, it’s a Cincinatti Bengals diaper!  What am I going to do with this?  And then my eyes opened and I realized that it isn’t a Bengals diaper, it is a super cute print that says PU on the butt!  Haha.  See, I’m a dork!

Diaper Construction:

Style:  Pocket diaper with the opening in the rear
Manufactured:  USA
Sizing:  One size diaper with 4 rise settings
Closure:  Snaps – double row of 10 snaps across and 2 on each wing
Exterior:  Printed minky fabric
Interior Lining:  Organic bamboo velour
Hidden layer:  PUL lining to make this diaper waterproof
Soakers:  Includes one organic hemp doubler
Approximate retail value:  $24 US $26 Canada

 Is it any good?

 Yep.  I have noticed that minky diapers tend to be wider in the crotch area so this is a bit wider between the legs than I like, but it’s a fabulous diaper.  Because there are only 2 snaps on each wing, even daddy likes this, which is great news because he generally doesn’t care for diapers with a double row of snaps across the front.  The four different rise settings allow for a fit for a wide range of babies.  I have no doubt this could fit a tiny little newborn diaper, but feel it would be really wide between the babies legs.  Just an observation as I haven’t tried it on a newborn. 

I am a bit spacey sometimes, and was using the doubler as the only insert in the diaper.  Yep, thank you sleep deprivation!  Haha.  So it was leaking through like a fitted which made sense once I realized what I was doing.  Once I started using an insert in the diaper with the doubler, we didn’t have any issues with leaks at all. 

Washing and drying the diaper was simple enough.  Just unstuff the pocket opening when it’s dirty, and stuff it when it’s clean.  The pocket opening in the rear is plenty large enough to accomodate any hands.  Plus, there is a flap to be sure the inserts don’t slide up the back and make a mess.  Simply throw it in the dryer or hang it dry and you are all set.

The diaper has held up well for us since we got it and we use it every single day.  The print is stinking cute.  Hehehe.  I love that the snaps match the diaper and that there are two different prints on the diaper, the orange and black, and the gray minky.  She did a fantastic job on the custom embroidery on the tooshy.  I love the “PU” and how the letters are in the same print as the front of the diaper.  Plus, the embroidery is sewn only into the minky, not the hidden PUL so there are no worries about it leaking through the embroidery.  The elastic at the back and on the leg openings is very stretchy and because of the softness of the fabric, won’t ever leave red marks on the Charlie man. 

The wipe
Did I mention I also received an organic cloth wipe?

The wipe measures 8 inches x 8 inches.  The perfect size for pretty much everything and it fits perfectly when folded in half into a wipe container.  Each wipe is hand sewn using unbleached, dye free and certified organic fabric that is soft on one side and a natural hemp on the other side.  They are perfect for those little tooshies or for those little faces and hands that always need cleaning. 

The wipe was awesome!  I wondered at first because it is very thin so I was figuring it wouldn’t be as absorbent as I would like.  I was wrong.  The large size and the different fabrics made this wipe perfect.  I would love to add some more of these to our stash.  The wipes I own that I use the most are thicker, and while they work great, it makes it hard to get more than a few into a wipe container to throw into the diaper bag.  With the wipes from Rumpkinz, I could definitely fit in as many as I need for the day.  These are a must have!

If you are looking for a terrific custom pocket diaper, fitted diaper, or any of those fabulous accessories that you need..ahem…want, visit Rumpkinz on Facebook and snag yourself a Rumpkinz diaper.  You won’t be disappointed. 

Want to win a Rumpkinz diaper of your own?  Enter now as part of the Switch to Cloth giveaway event with over $400+ in cloth diapers and accessories.  Good luck!

*Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100% my own and only influenced by my experience with the product and company and may differ from yours.*


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