Summer #BlogChallenge August What I love about them….

Summer #BlogChallenge August What I love about them….

My kids are my whole world!  Here are just a few reasons why.
1.  I love to laugh!  Maggie is so funny.  Even when I feel like I’m ready to ship her off, she manages to make me laugh somehow.
2.  They teach me so much!  I am learning to re evaluate how I look at the world.
3.  I love that John and I have to be better people than we were before because we are teaching our kids how to be.
4.  Because of my kids, I eat better!  
5.  That feeling I get when only I can make them feel better.  Breastfeeding my kids has been one of the greatest joys in my life – twice 🙂
6.  That we have taught her love.  She hugs and kisses everybody…especially the dogs and her little brother.
7.  All of the snuggles and love at naptime.  This is one of the best (and sometimes most stressful) times of my day.  Most days, they both fall asleep on my lap nursing.  Some days, I can’t even sleep I’m so busy staring at them.
8.  We get to take time to play….every single day.
9.  The smiles and giggles I get from these two little ones.
10.   Watching them grow and learn all the time.  I get told “mama sit” a million times a day so she can read books with me or play with toys.  She’s pretending so much and I love watching as she figures something out for the first time.

This is only a short list of reasons why I love them so much. Charlie and Maggie are the best little people I could imagine!  They are so amazing and fun and absolutely the most important people in my life.

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