Summer #BlogChallenge Day 17 I Am Proud To Be Me Because…..

I am loving this blog challenge because some of these really make you think.  This is one of those posts.  3 things about my personality that I am proud of.
The first thing that I am really proud of is that I am a very honest person.  Even when what needs to be said is difficult.  
The second thing I am really proud of is my level of patience.  I have heard from many people – “I will never have that much patience with anybody, especially kids.”
 The third thing is harder for me to come up with.  I guess I will say that I’m proud that I can make people laugh.  I remember a few years ago when I was going through some tough stuff in life, and one of my very near and dear friends said one day “Where is our Shannon?  We want our funny Shannon back, not sad Shannon.  How can we make that happen?”  It was good to know people count on me to cheer them up and help them have a good day. 

What are some things about your personality that you are proud of?


  • This is a difficult question for me since a lot of the time I do not think about myself and what I bring to others. Life right now is about the kids, providing a happy and healthy home, and remaining sane. With that said my first pride thought would be that I am grateful for all I have and express that to others in simple and sometimes very abrupt ways. I use my manners and encourage my children to use their manners to show they appreciate the small things. Smile and make eye contact, share a quick comment with a stranger, ask how someone is doing and listen to the answer; truly want to know the answer.

    I am proud to be me because I am the only one that has what I have and is who I am. Noone else can be me and I can be no one else. I am unique and I am proud of that. The whole package, the good, the bad, the beautiful, and the ugly…

  • Patience truly is a virtue. I’m still working on that one, and I’m not there yet, but I won’t give up! Following you through the blog challenge FB group.

  • I get so upset on the rare times when I do run out of patience for my peanut. When I finally go to bed that night, it’s everything I can do to not go pick her up and snuggle her to make up for being less than wonderful!

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