Summer #BlogChallenge Day 26 What he does that makes my heart melt

Summer #BlogChallenge Day 26 What he does that makes my heart melt

What does John do that makes my heart melt?  This one is pretty easy, but first I will tell you some other things about him.  
John is a total romantic.  I am not!  He does some very sweet things, and usually I roll my eyes when he’s not looking.  He is really sweet!  *Usually* when he gets back in town – although he hasn’t done this recently – he brings me flowers.  I do look forward to getting flowers from him.  Sometimes, he brings flowers for me and some flowers for Maggie.
But…..the thing he does that makes my heart melt is:
Love our daughter so much!  When he walks in the door and immediately gets squeals of delight and spends the next few hours laughing and playing with her.  Is it just me or does this make a man look incredibly sexy in a mamas eyes?

These were taken when he walked in the door a few weeks ago.  She didn’t want to stop kissing and snuggling her daddy 🙂
Does your guy do something that melts your heart?


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