Summer #BlogChallenge Day 28 Laundry Tips and Tricks

I am not sure I have any laundry tips and tricks that are worth sharing, but here is what I do have.  
TIDE!!!!  I’m not sure I could live without it.  Whenever my daughter stains something, I throw tide on it and let it sit until laundry day.  As long as I don’t forget, I can get the stains out.  There are times I forget and throw it in the washer and dryer.  Those times, I have ruined two white shirts 🙁  I wash everything in cold water. 
I love doing laundry!  It gets washed, dried and folded pretty quickly.  It may never get put away before it gets worn again.
Even for my cloth diapers, I’m not so sure I have any tips or tricks, but I will share our wash routine.  We do a full wash cycle in cold water with no soap.  Then we do a full wash cycle in hot water with soap.  Then a warm rinse cycle followed by a cold rinse cycle.  Once a week or so, I try to do an extra full wash cycle on cold at the end to be sure all of the soap is getting rinsed out.  
Recently, we received a set of dryer balls to review, and I’m excited to see what we think of those.  If it cuts down on drying time, that would be wonderful!  
What are your favorite laundry tips and tricks?

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