Summer #BlogChallenge Day 5 – Short term goals for this month

My goals for the next month are probably going to entertain you just a bit – if only because I am somewhat pathetic in that they should be manageable.  You see, our baby is due on the 25th, so my main goal if you want to call it that is to have a very healthy baby, whether we have a boy or girl.  
Before that happens, I am hoping to actually get my house clean.  One wouldn’t think that it is such a big deal, but our house looks like a bomb went off….a few actually.  I have small goals set since everything takes me forever.  I get tired and dizzy so quickly, not to mention the back pain when I sweep, vacuum, or mop.  I planned to clean a different room every day, but that hasn’t happened much lately.  Now Maggie has a fever again, probably from teething and wants to be held and snuggled all day.  Plus it’s so nice out we just want to be outside.  Which leads me to the next goal.
I would love to keep up with my lawn.  Our lawn is quite big, and takes me 2-3 days to get it all mowed since I mow with Maggie on my lap (which isn’t very big).  Plus I need to keep up with watering the lawn, and I want to finish weeding the other side of the flower bed so that perhaps someday I can plant flowers there.  Our male dog digs holes and we have lots of gophers, so keeping the lawn looking nice is probably a lost cause, but nonetheless a goal of mine.  
I also need to get the dog in for her shots and they are due this month.  
Over the next week and a half, I’m also hoping to get my reviews written for the Summer Cloth Diaper Hop just in case baby makes a debut early (which I really do anticipate this time).  
I also need to purchase the rest of our newborn diapers for this baby; preferably before the arrival.  
I want to scrapbook the birth cards for when baby arrives so that we can just add the pictures and mail them out.  I am willing to bet that these don’t get made, but I could surprise myself.  
These are my short term goals.  What are your goals for this month?  Feel free to comment below and share, or link up to the Summer #BlogChallenge.


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