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I really love that Maggie gets as excited about learning as I always have.  Charlie is always right there trying to jump in and learn too.  We always seem to have a lot of fun when we sit down to do Maggie’s workbooks.  I have been talking about wanting to homeschool for a few years now, but it is a huge battle with their dad who is completely against it because he knows absolutely nothing about it and is worried people {his friends and family} will think he is weird, or that we are a weird family because of it.  I had been sitting around talking with one of my friends about homeschooling one morning.  A few hours later when I checked my email, it was from Summer Bridge Activities about reviewing some of their workbooks.  It seemed like perfect timing and yet another way to get Maggie excited about summertime learning.


Summer Bridge Activities

I had just redone our front dining room and took out the table and turned it into a learning area for the kids.  I figure if we are already doing homeschooling things, maybe I will get him to come around.  I took a look at the website and asked a bunch of questions because I wasn’t sure if the PreK-K book would work for Maggie or if it would be too far ahead of what she is able to do.  Because her birthday is in October, she isn’t even at preschool age yet, but when I was able to check out some samples of the books, I knew she would be challenged on some of the pages while still be able to do many of them.



Maggie was so excited when her workbook arrived.  She gets so excited to do all of the activities.  She doesn’t want to do her school work every day, but on most of the days, she wants to sit down and work on 4 or 5 of them at a time.  I keep finding her with the book trying to do it all by herself, which is why I love that the pages can all be torn out along the perforated lines.  I can pull out the pages we are going to work on, and put the rest of the book away.


Summer Bridge Activities

The Summer Bridge Activities workbook for PreK-K has been great for Maggie.  She can already write all of the letters, so the beginning pages of practice lines are pretty easy for her.  I like how at the top of those pages though, there is a picture that corresponds to the line they are drawing, like the slanted line is a broom stick, etc..  The way the workbook is set up is that there is a front and a back side for each day.  After completing that days activities, they can take a colorful star sticker from the back of the book and place it in the sticker box on the page.  The math pages reinforce the concept 3 times on one page to really bring it all together for them.

 Summer Bridge Activities

The book is broken up into 3 sections, the same way that there are 3 months of summer vacation.  The activities progressively get more difficult and tie the concepts and ideas together.  I like how the beginning pages go through learning to identify shapes {which Charlie loves to do too}, and then after a few days of that, you get a fun robot picture that is a color by shape.  We went through the key at the top and colored each shape the color it says, and then Maggie was able to color the picture using the key without much help at all.  She was very proud of this page and couldn’t wait to show daddy what she did.


Summer Bridge Activities

At the end of each section, you will find a hands on science activity, fitness activities, character development activities, and outdoor activities.  The beginning of each section allows for you and your child to write down 3 monthly goals, and they can place a sticker next to them as they complete them.  There is also a word list to talk about with your child and they can circle the words as they see them throughout the following pages.


Summer Bridge Activities

The end of the book contains some fun bonuses including flashcards with numbers, letters, colors and shapes, and more.  These have been great because while Maggie and I are working on something, Charlie always wants to be involved so we have been working on colors and shapes with him too.

 Summer Bridge Activities

Summer Bridge Activities

To finish off the book, there is a congratulations certificate to fill out for your child.  Maggie has had a lot of fun working on her Summer Bridge Activities book over the last month or so.  It encompasses all of the different concepts you want your children learning.  Summer Bridge Activities books are designed to refresh and challenge your child as they make that summer bridge from one grade to the next.  For even more learning, you can visit their website and register your child{ren} for even more activities as well as an informal assessment to see where they stand.  Check out the info graphic below for some ideas on keeping learning fun throughout the summer.



Summer Bridge Activities will help to not only prevent learning loss throughout the summer, but also help to better prepare your child for the upcoming school year.

Buy it:  Summer Bridge Activities books are available for ages PreK-8th grade and a wide variety of books to choose from.  Get yours today and help keep your child from forgetting all of those things they have learned throughout the school year.  Right now, you can get a free sample of the books for the age that you need.

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