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I come from a big family, and we are big game players, so I am ALWAYS on the lookout for new games, whether for indoors or outdoors- bonus points if it’s both!  I was super excited when Begin Again Toys offered to send me Kickin’ Putt {for free to review}.


Begin Again Toys, Kickin' Putt, Our Piece of Earth

Memorial Day weekend was the perfect chance for us to kick this around and see what we thought {haha}.  Kickin’ Putt is kind of a mix between soccer, kickball, flying discs, golf, and bocce ball.  It has to be fun then, right?  Right!  To play, throw the scoring disc.  Each player gets one kick towards the goal {disc}.  Then, keep taking turns kicking the ball and the first person to hit the disc wins a point.  The best part of Kickin’ Putt is that you can create your own games and rules.  Lowest score wins.  You can decide if you want to play where you have to get the ball to land on the flying disc or simply hit it.  We play just hit it, and we play where whoever hits it first gets a point, then play to 21, but that’s our rules.

Begin Again Toys, Kickin' Putt, OUr Piece of Earth

Kickin’ Putt comes complete with the scoring disc and 2 kickin’ golf balls.  One ball with a red stripe, one with a blue stripe.  They even have the little marks in them like golf balls do.  It’s a perfect game for any age outdoors or even indoors {if you are careful}.  I let Maggie and Charlie roll the balls around the house.  When we are outside, the balls are nice for them to play with because they are heavy enough for them to play with and not have them blow away with the wind.  Plus, it’s great for Maggie to practice kicking balls around.

Kickin' Putt, Begin Again Toys, Our Piece of Earth

The scoring disc is made in the USA from wheat plastic featuring TerraTek, and the golf balls are made from natural rubber {the balls are made in China}.  The balls and the disc are durable and will withstand being outside and being kicked around by your family.  Because you can make up your own rules, it can get very interesting, plus, it will be fun for all ages.  As you can see, my little ones are having fun with it.


Visit Begin Again Toys and check out the rest of their awesome products.  There is something for everybody, whether you have an artist, writer, inventor, sportster or her.  They also have Beginner for that little little one in your life.  Pick up your own version or two of Kickin’ Putt for $30.00 each or enter to win one here through June 25, 2013.

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 *DIsclosure:  I received the above mentioned products for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100% my own and only influenced by my experiences with the product and company.*


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