Summer is here – now your breast pump can travel with you

*Thank you Nuby USA for sending me the Nuby Rhythm Dual Action Electric Breast Pump for review*

If you are a breastfeeding mom, whether you are going back to work, trying to boost your supply, or want a just in case stash, having a good, reliable pump is important.  The cost of breast pumps can be daunting for a new mom, but Nuby is here to help with the Nuby Rhythm Dual Action Electric Breast Pump.

Included in this pump is:

  1. Compact Travel Sterilizer
  2. 6 Disposable Breast Pads
  3. Breast Pump Standing Cradle
  4. 5 oz. Natural Nurser bottle
  5. Electric Breast Pump with Personalized Programming Unit
  6. Flex Neck Silicone Horn and Hygienic Travel Cover
  7. 5 oz Natural Nurser with Slow Flow Nipple and Hood
  8. Manual Breast Pump Hood
  9. Manual Breast Pump Handle
  10. Silicone Storage Lid
  11. Battery Pack
  12. Power Cord

Some of the things that make this pump easy to use are the portability.  It is small and can be easily set into a diaper bag or a work bag to take with you.   If you are traveling, it doesn’t take up much space and can be very discreet.  It is easy to clean because there are no lines that can get yucked up. The compact travel sterilizer makes clean up a breeze.  Simply wash and rinse all parts, add 4 oz of water, and snap the handles shut and microwave for the directed amount of time.  And yes, it is dishwasher safe.

There are 3 different ways to use this pump.  The pump can be manual or electric, which makes it easy to use even when you are camping, on a plane, or in a car {not driving}.  Switching between manual and electric is fast and easy to do.  Having a toddler in the house who demands my attention, not to mention a mobile little guy as well, the battery pack is a fantastic idea.  Simply attach it to yourself using the hip clip.  Using my hands free pumping bra with this, I can actually take the time to pump and still keep these two out of trouble.  Using the pump manually is very easy to do – even one handed.  Simply squeeze the handle.  

Something that sets this apart from other breast pumps is the programmable features.  You can program the speed and rhythm you want it to do on each breast.  This allows you to match it to the natural rhythm of you and baby on each side.  It is designed to mimic breastfeeding.

Keeping your pump clean when transporting it is important.  The hygienic travel cover pops on and off the flex neck silicone horn to keep it clean and free from germs, dust, and everything else.

The adjustable vacuum valve allows you to customize the suction of the pump for your comfort level.

Using the Natural Nurser bottles attached to the pump, you can store your breastmilk right in them.  Then, when you are ready to give it to baby, simply screw the slow flow nipple on instead of the hood {cover}.  Having two bottles, with both a hood and a nipple with a cover is very convenient.  I like convenient!  If your little one needs a faster nipple, Nuby has a variety of speeds to choose from.

I’m a big fan of the Breast pump standing cradle.  I can’t tell you how many times I have set my pump pieces down for a second only to have them tip over and spill.  This cradle prevents that.  With my daughter, I struggled a bit with my supply and as any breastfeeding mom knows, there is a reason to cry over spilt milk.

If you are going to be using a breast pump regularly, comfort really is important.  The flex neck silicone horn will gently massage as it works, stimulating your breasts and helps to begin the let down process more quickly.  While you don’t have to have the silicone inserts in, it is much more comfortable than using it without it.

As can be expected with Nuby products, the parts are BPA free.

I know for me, having a pump that is quiet and doesn’t draw attention to what you are doing is a bonus.  The Nuby Rhythm Dual Action Pump is not silent, but it also isn’t any louder than the other pump I had been using.

I do wish that it was a double so I could pump both sides at one time.  My sister used the pump when she was here visiting, and that was one thing she commented on as well.

You can purchase your own Nuby Rhythm Dual Action Electric Breast Pump at Amazon for $77.09!

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