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At some point, every parent starts asking themselves potty training questions.  It is a big deal for every kid.  For some, it is easy, for some it is a bit more difficult.  Either way, there are usually questions – when do we stop using diapers and start using training pants? What training pants are best?  Which ones will work for my child?  Well, hopefully I can help you make the decision of which ones are best for your child.
I thought we had it easy – when Maggie was 18 months, maybe a bit before that, she started going potty in the toilet.  It was amazingly easy for us.  Poop in the toilet all the time!  Then a lot of stuff happened and she just quit going in the toilet at all.  Now, we are back at it again a little bit.   I didn’t think we were going to need any training undies, but turns out we do.

Being naked worked well for her, but there are times that having her run around naked just don’t work.  For those times, we need trainers for Maggie.  Enter – Super Undies!

 Super Undies is owned and operated by Laura Wojciechowski – owner and designer of Starbunz Diapers and works closely with her brother Jesse.  Super Undies started as Starbunz Learners.  They have been around since the middle of 2007, and taking feedback they have received, have evolved into what they are now.  As they became more popular, Laura separated Starbunz and Super Undies.

I had the chance to review Super Undies Pocket Potty training pants.  We received the Wild Orchid Fairy and what a great color!  They have 7 great colors – one for each day of the week! 
When learning to use the potty, one of the messiest things to do is try to change poopy underwear without getting it all over their legs, feet, and everything else.  Well, Super Undies fixes that!  With 3 snaps on each side, you can simply unsnap to change a mess like that.  But, you don’t want your little one to feel like they are still wearing a diaper, so Super Undies can be easily pulled up and down by your toddler.  
Super Undies are made of waterproof PUL through the wet zone (the colored part of the undies).  They have a layer of micro-fiber built in, but also comes with a step up insert for added absorbency.   The undies themselves are made from 100 % polyester.  The snaps on each side have two different size options to allow them to fit a wider range of children.  Plus, the side tabs are really stretchy to allow them to get a good fit and be easy for the little people to pull up and down.

Super Undies are available in 5 different sizes, from small up to XXL.  We have a small for our little peanut.  She is just now getting into pulling her clothes on and off, so she is liking that we put these on like underwear.  Sometimes, she pulls them up, then down, then up, then down, you get the idea.  You can purchase extra inserts if you feel you want more absorbency but if you use more than one or two, you may want to size up.  Each insert is the equivalent of two layers of microfiber.

 When putting these on, the snaps go in back.  I was confused by it at first, but they are designed that way so they feel more like real underwear because to the little ones, they look like underwear. 
When I first put these on her, I figured she would wet in them since she hasn’t been going potty at all on the toilet lately, so we were able to test how absorbent they were.  We used them with one insert in, and I was really surprised by how well they kept pee from leaking all over.  Maggie was still able to tell that she was wet, which is really important, but I didn’t have to step in a pee puddle!  Without the extra insert stuffed in the pocket, when she wet, it did leak so she was able to tell me immediately – uh oh mommy!  She also had a poo mess in these and I am happy to report that they kept it all inside! 

While I do like the snaps on the sides for changing messes, I do worry that they will confuse her and she will think it is just another diaper.  We are sure to pull them on and off whenever possible so they seem different to her.  These are fantastic for just beginning to potty train when there are bound to be more accidents, but as she gets better, I would also get some of the pull on Super Undies. I love that these are so breathable and lightweight so they feel different than the diapers.  They are also quite trim so it’s easy for your little one to wear them under their clothes and still be able to pull their pants up and down.  They do seem somewhat poofy when they are on her, although that extra room is what allows for extra inserts and makes them easier to pull up and down. I know those two statements sound contradictory, but I hope you can see what I mean from the pictures.  The poofiness flattens easily, but is something I notice. The pocket is large for easy stuffing for anybody! 

Overall, I really like these trainers, especially for when she is still having accidents quite often.  The adjustable absorbency of them makes them ideal for any child and they can grow with your little learner.

Are you potty training now?  How old was / is your little one when he or she started learning to use the potty?  What are your best tips?


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*Disclosure:  I received one or more of the above mentioned products for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100 % my own and only influenced by my experience with the company and the product.*


  • These look comfy! I have a pair of their night time undies and I love them. DD is almost 3 and has been potty trained for a few months now, like solidly, without me asking her to go every 15 minutes! She has just recently started going all night without an accident. Two nights in a row I’ve let her sleep in regular undies! For us, incentives worked best, as well as hanging up smiley faces for good days and sad faces for accidents.

  • I am starting to look around for trainers, but we’re not quite ready to start training yet. With my first, I tried probably about 6 different times (about once a month for 6 months) to train her, and I just was not patient enough to deal with tons of accidents. So we’d try for a few days, and when she was having more accidents than successes I’d just put her back in diapers and we’d wait for a while. When she finally was ready, she was potty trained in 2 days and had maybe 2 accidents over the next week and then she was accident-free. So I am not rushing the potty training with my second.

  • We are a little ways from real potty learning here, but we’ve been using EC at least part time since our little guy has been 3 months old. That has had ups and downs too, but at least he is comfortable with the potty and understands what to do. He just doesn’t want to cooperate all the time. We don’t push it and hope that this will all make things easier when we move to training pants and underwear 🙂

  • my little one is 26 months… he will use the potty if I keep him diaper free. would love to try the super undies to trasition him from cloth diapers to big boy pants.

  • My 19 month old occasionally uses the toilet. We’ve been putting her on it for nine or ten months now, and she’s usually pretty good about it, but she also goes through periods of resistance. I’ll be happy when she’s out of diapers totally, but she’ll be ready when she’s ready.

  • My daughter will be 3 in a few months and we could use all the tips we can get! So far I’ve been waiting for her to be ready and we try every once in awhile but we haven’t been consistent with it. Talk about the potty seems to get her more interested in trying.

  • Thanks for the detailed review. My lil guy is 18 mos but we are having a baby in January so training is still a ways away for us but I want to start getting him the “gear” to get familiar with it all before then.

  • My 23 month DD wears underwear and uses the potty during the day, but still wears diapers for naps/night. I’d like to try something like these or WunderUnders instead.

  • With our 3 yr. old we had to potty train the hard way, with regular underwear! We’re really struggling financially and someone gave use a bunch in a bag of hand me downs so that’s what we used. It was messy at first but he got the hang of it quite quickly. I’m hoping we can potty train our little girl a bit earlier and use some training pants to make the process a bit easier.

  • My first was super easy. He told us he wanted to use the potty and that was it for him. My second is entering the potty training stage soon. He wants to use the potty sometimes and other times not. At this point I only take him when he wants to go. He is still very little, in size and so I’m not pushing it. If little bro is anything like big bro he will just do it when he is ready. For him I want trainers like this that can be pulled on and off, yet have snaps.

  • My little girl is almost 2. She is potty trained when she is with mommy and daddy and this would be perfect for introducing her to going potty with other people!

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