Backyard Campouts aren’t Complete without a #GoodNightSnack from Kellogg’s #cbias

We all have that one little thing we look forward to in our day, and for me, that little thing is a good night snack. One of my favorite things to have for a snack at night is cereal, and Kellogg’s has many of my favorites. Being pregnant, I know that if I do not eat something shortly before bed, I will be up at 3 in the morning because I am starving!

4th of July fun

We had a fun 4th of July weekend.  My little guy who just turned 2 the weekend before is such a daredevil.  He went tubing behind the boat with his big cousin Jason.  It was so cute.  I had no doubt he would end up on the tube at some point.  His expression kept changing…

Simple ways to create comfort for an older dog

I know you have heard about our dogs and how they are such an important part of the family. You may have also heard me talk about Old Buddy Boy. He is 15 years old, maybe 16. He was abused, neglected or both before he became a part of our family. He is a wonderful dog, but can also be a moody old man if his body is hurting him. As he has aged over the last 4 years, he has actually become a friendlier, more active dog.