Make it With Kids: DIY Tie Blanket

I’m always trying to find something fun and new to do with the kids.  I had bought the material for this project at least a year ago and it got shoved on a shelf and forgot about until recently.  Since today was the first Packers game of the season, I decided it was time to kick this project into gear.  I sat down to start making this DIY Tie blanket on my own, knowing full well that they would all want to help if they spied what I was doing.  It only took a minute and they were ready to help and so excited about our project.  

Peanut Butter Thank You Bars Recipe

As another Memorial Day has come and gone, I sit here thinking about our military and what this day means to them. I enjoy a weekend at the cabin as much as the next person, but I won’t forget how some families are spending their day. I promised the kids that we would make something yummy when we came home from the cabin and I couldn’t wait! When we were driving to finish up a ton of errands last week, the kids kept yelling out, “Our flag, our flag” every time they saw the USA flag. It was incredibly adorable AND the perfect lead in for a conversation about Memorial Day and what it stands for. Our conversation went something like this:

Make Thank You Gifts Fun Like We Did With This Gymnastics Coach Gift

I really LOVE making gifts for people, especially gifts that cater to something they love. We love to periodically give the helpers in our life something special so they know we appreciate them. Both Maggie and Charlie are in gymnastics and their teachers {coaches} are amazing! I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it a few months back with a 3 and 5 year old. I had no clue how the kids would like it, how they would do; but they love it! They both get so excited to go and wow have I noticed changes in both of them. Maggie has become incredibly strong, especially her arms.

4 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Christmas is rapidly approaching. I realized today that there were only 4 days left and I am still not done shopping. I try to put a lot of thought into my gifts, but there are some people who really are hard to shop for, and now, I’m still looking for those few last minute gifts