Make Game Day a Hit with this SNICKERS® Cream Cheese Dip #recipe

While I really love summer, I get so excited about fall! Fall means football in our house, and I’m the biggest fan of them all. Whether it is preseason, regular season, or post season football, you can bet the game is on at our house. Whether I’m hosting a football party or just trying to get the kids to keep themselves busy so I can yell at the TV, this SNICKERS® Cream Cheese Dip is sure to be a hit! Come on – #Chocolate4TheWin

Salsa Mac & Cheese: Dinner on a Budget with Kraft Coupons

This may be the nicest summer I can remember. You know, not too hot, not too rainy. I’m pretty sure that where our house is, we have just lucked out. Even being 7 months pregnant, it is just plain gorgeous out. I can enjoy being outside instead of getting overheated so quickly. Because of the great weather, dinner is the last thing on my mind. Yet, I still have to make dinner. Every night.

Quick Snacks They Can Make Themselves {+ How to Create a DIY Pizza Bar}

Our recent favorite that has been such a big hit with all of the kids was our DIY Bagel Bites Pizza Bar. When we went shopping this week, I let the kids help choose what toppings they wanted to put on their pizza bites. They were so excited to pick out their own vegetables and toppings and we could not wait to make our snack. Here is a list of toppings that the kids picked out.

Backyard Campouts aren’t Complete without a #GoodNightSnack from Kellogg’s #cbias

We all have that one little thing we look forward to in our day, and for me, that little thing is a good night snack. One of my favorite things to have for a snack at night is cereal, and Kellogg’s has many of my favorites. Being pregnant, I know that if I do not eat something shortly before bed, I will be up at 3 in the morning because I am starving!

SNICKERS® S’mores for a Delicious On the Go Snack #Refuel2Go

For our family, summer fun means spending a lot of time out on the boat. We recently bought a new boat, and shopping for it made us laugh. While we were boat shopping, a family told us they were selling their boat because they had 2 young kids so they didn’t use it. We laughed because we were looking for a bigger boat because we are having another baby. Our answer to the stress of taking little kids out on the boat? SNACKS!