Take the “What is your diaper style” quiz {+review}

What is your diaper style?  Pocket diaper?  All in one?  All in two?  Find out what the diaper quiz says about your diaper style.
Cloth Diaper Style Quiz
Do you need fast drying times?
Do you love matching inserts to diapers?
Do you need simplicity for daddy, daycare, grandparents, etc.?
Are you sick of stuffing diapers but still need fast drying times?
Whether you are the mom {or dad} who has to find the matching insert for your diaper, the mom who hates long drying diapers because you have a limited stash and can’t wait for it to dry, or the simplicity of an all in one fits perfectly for your caregivers needs, I am going to let you in on a secret.  One diaper could do all of these things!
Yep, I said it, one diaper!  This fantastic diaper is perfect for mom’s, dad’s, and caregivers.  No remembering the right stash of diapers for grandma’s house.  This diaper is Funky Fluff.
Funky Fluff is a Canadian company looking to make life a little easier for every cloth diapering parent.  Each Funky Fluff diaper is adjustable to be used as an all in one, all in two, or a pocket diaper.  This is really an awesome feature because life changes, and along with that, so do your diapering needs.  No more selling off your diapers because they are the wrong style now.
We received the Funky Fluff Bamboo Cloth Diaper to review and it is one of the few pocket diapers we still use regularly.  Let me rephrase that….Funky Fluff is one of my very favorite diapers and one of the ones I reach for every time it is clean.
Funky Fluff
While we use it mainly as an all in two diaper, it gives us options.  The double row of 10  snaps allows for a snug fit on any waist size, while the 3 snaps on each wing allow you to customize the fit and prevent wing droop.  While some diapers have the hip snap on top, the placement of this one {on the bottom} keeps the sides of the diaper in place no matter how much Charlie moves around. The snaps are an accent color to the diaper creating a funky colored belt around the waist.  We received the gray and blue diaper and I absolutely LOVE the colors.  Gray can be somewhat boring, but I love the way the blue accents it.
Funky Fluff, cloth diapersFunky Fluff, Cloth Diapers
The crossover snaps on the tabs allow the diaper to fit tiny waisted babies, as well as provide a convenient storage option when you are on the go.  There are 4 different rise settings on this diaper to fit a range of 7-35+ pounds.
Funky Fluff, Cloth diapersFunky Fluff, Cloth diapersFunky Fluff, cloth diapersFunky Fluff, cloth diapers
This diaper is soft, on the inside and the outside.  The breathable PUL makes the diaper waterproof while the bamboo makes it comfortable.  The elastic on the back and legs allows for a snug fit without leaving red marks and making baby uncomfortable.
There are some features of a diaper that are worth their weight in gold.  One of those is double gussets.  If John had his way, we would ONLY own diapers with double gussets.
Funky Fluff, cloth diapers
Because the inserts can snap into both ends of the diaper, there is an extra layer of material to prevent the snaps from ripping.  Oooh, you heard me say it can snap on both ends?  It’s true.  There is a wide pocket opening on both the front and back of the diaper for easy stuffing of the inserts, or even more absorption if you need it.  There is also a waterproof strip at the front of the diaper to help with leaks, especially for tummy sleepers. The pocket openings have a flap over them to help keep the poop out of the pocket.
All in one:
To use this diaper as an all in one, snap the insert into both ends to secure it in place.  Because of the pocket style, you could easily add extra absorbency as well.  There is a flap over the pocket opening to keep poop from getting all over the insert.
All in two:
To use this diaper as an all in two, snap either one, or both of the inserts in, and lay them on top of the pocket.
Pocket diaper:
To use this diaper as a pocket diaper, snap the insert in and stuff it in the pocket.  Because it’s only attached at one end of the diaper and the insert will agitate out in the wash, requiring it to be stuffed after drying.
As I’m sure you know, I really love bamboo, so I knew this was the option for me, but you can also get the Funky Fluff Stay Dry cloth diaper.  Having a boy, I have realized that there are 5, 304, 341 different shades of pinks.  There are no where near that many in more boyish colors.  Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t mind girly diapers on Charlie once in awhile, but I would love to have more fun colored diapers for boys, and Funky Fluff nailed that one.  So many of their colors are different than the everyday blues or greens.  We received the gray with blue snaps and I love it.  It’s fun, not boring!
Funky Fluff, cloth diapers
Each diaper comes with 2 inserts made with 80% bamboo viscose and 20% polyester.  A smaller soaker made from 4 layers of bamboo blend terry, and a heavy duty, super absorbent soaker made of 5 layers of bamboo blend terry.  The small insert works great on the extra small and small rise settings, as well as a booster for older babies or for overnight.  The great thing about the heavy duty soaker is that there is a crease line on it.  Simply fold it at the crease when using it for smaller babies.  The crease can be customized by putting the folded portion at the front for boys, or the bottom for girls.  I love using a combination of both inserts if we are going for a long car ride or running a lot of errands.  I know we will not have any leaks.
Funky Fluff , cloth diapers
Funky Fluff
I cannot say enough about how much I LOVE this diaper.  The quality of materials used really shows in the diaper.  There are some diapers I own and really want more of, and the Funky Fluff bamboo Fusion is on that list.  I would really love to have some more of these.
But wait, there is more!!!  I also received the Funky Fluff wet bag in teal.  This is not your ordinary wet bag.  The Funky Fluff wet bag has two pockets.  Impressed?  You should be. Right after it arrived, we went to the zoo with a friend who was in love with this wet bag, both the color and that it had two pockets.  Both pockets have zippers to keep smells in.  They are also both waterproof.  That means you can store your clean diapers in one pocket, and then your dirty in the other.  I love this because it means I don’t have to take the entire diaper bag everywhere.  If we have a quick errand to run, I can throw a few diapers, wipes, my wallet, etc. in the outer pocket of the wet bag.  When I change him, we just throw the dirty one in the large pocket.  The bag measures 12″ by 15″.
Funky Fluff, cloth diapers, wet bag
There is also a handy snapping strap so you can hook the wet bag to a stroller, door handle, the diaper bag, or just for easy carrying.  The Funky Fluff wet bag can hold up to 10 diapers!  Have I mentioned that it is just a gorgeous bag and I will still use it long after having kids in diapers?  It is the one bag Maggie likes to try and steal to stick some toys in when we leave the house.
I did run into a few problems with my diaper.  After the first couple of washes, there was a corner of the insert that came undone.  I contacted Kathy, and she quickly was able to explain and fix the problem.  I was so impressed with the customer service I received.
Sometimes we come across bamboo soakers where the outer fabric isn’t cut exactly the same as the inner layers and therefore isn’t surged properly.  It doesn’t happen often because we do our best to pick out those defects during quality control.  However, at times the issue doesn’t became apparent until the soaker goes through a few washes.  I’m very sorry that you experienced this.
You’ll find that the soaker won’t rip any further, however, when concerns like this come to our attention the issue is corrected.  We can send you a new soaker to replace this one as we would with our customers.


Then, as I was retaking the pictures for this post, as I unsnapped the insert from the diaper, the snap on the diaper pulled away with the insert.  This just happened last night, so I am waiting to hear back.

What is your favorite color combination of Funky Fluff diapers?  Which feature is your favorite?
Get Funky with it and get your own, or enter to win a diaper AND a wet bag from December 1-7th.
*Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned products for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100% my own and only influenced by my experience with the products and company.*


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