Taking learning outside

I have really been working with Maggie on learning shapes, colors, and letters.  When I found this idea on one of my favorite blogs – Play At Home Mom {One of my favorite blogs EVER}. I had to make my own rendition of it.
 Outdoor Learning, Educational Games
It really is the simplest game that is so much fun.  I draw shapes, colors, letters, whatever on the ground with sidewalk chalk or even using the homemade sidewalk paint I made.  Then, I choose a shape, color or letter depending on what we are working on.  When she finds the right one, she dumps a bucket of water on the shape.  Then, I call out another one.  We have also played using water balloons but she isn’t very good at popping them, they have a tendency to just bounce.
See, super easy and fun – what child doesn’t love dumping water out.
How did you take learning outside in the summer?


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