The Henry Diaries: 3 Months

It’s amazing what a difference a month makes.  You do so much compared to last month.  You regularly roll from your tummy to your back.  You still haven’t rolled from your back to your belly even though I know you can do it.

Henry Christmas outfit

You are a pro at grabbing onto the rings of your toys now.  You look so surprised every time.  I love your fascination as you sit in the Mamaroo and stare at your mobile.  Those gorgeous little eyes of yours focus so well.

Henry 3 months

Speaking of those eyes, it seems you think I am the most beautiful person/thing in the world.  You smile whenever I look at your.  You smile even bigger as soon as I talk to you.  It makes me feel pretty special.  You are also in love with Maggie and Charlie talking to you.  You just steal my heart away with that sweet smile of yours.  You are my baby, my sweet, sweet, mostly laid back baby boy.  I love you so much, and am blessed with every single day I get to have you snuggled up to me.

Henry ninja turtle

You suddenly have so much hair!  You were born with a good amount of hair, and then you lost some in two spots.  Now, it has grown back thicker all over.

Patty and Henry

You are really loving sitting upright and playing with your toy bar, or just looking around.  I slide the mamaroo up for you and you get a whole new viewpoint.  This is probably a big reason why you love baby wearing so much – you can see what is going on.


Henry holding head upYou have started to try and push up with your arms.  I cannot believe how quickly time is going, and how big you are getting already.  I wish you could stay little just a little bit longer.  I’m trying to cherish every moment, but it feels like I’m not snuggling enough.  I’m so glad you are here to make our lives even more fun; to help fill our days with more love.  I love you.  So, so much.



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