The Henry Diaries: 4 Months

Hello my sweetness.  You are growing so fast.  We went in for your 4 month checkup and I figured you were around 12 or 12 1/2 pounds.  I was wrong.  14 pounds 3 ounces.  You are a growing boy!

Henry James 4 month

You smile all of the time.  If we look at you, talk to you, anything.  You just smile so much.  It’s the most beautiful, contagious smile.  I could look at it forever!  And… giggle.  Best sound ever!  You are holding your head up really high, and really starting to look at your toys and reach for them.   I love this picture, you were really reading {and eating} the book.  4 months Henry reading


You are kind of on an anti sleep campaign right now.  I really really wish you would sleep.  Just a little bit here or there would be pretty awesome.  You LOVE your hands.  Or my hands.  Or anything you can chew on.  There are no teeth coming in, but you sure love to gnaw on things.  It also makes you a big drooler.  That’s alright, just one of the things I really love about you.

Henry 4 mths

Your hair has gotten pretty thick now.  It had fallen out in a few spots, but now has grown back in all around, especially down the center of your head, so it looks like you have a mohawk.  It’s adorable, so sometimes I try to make it stand up.

Boys 4 months

You really recognize me when you see me walk into a room and get really excited.  Thank you for that.  It sure feels special to have you get so excited to see me all of the time.


I am so glad you are a part of my life my precious little boy.  I love you so much Henry James.

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