The Henry Diaries: 7 Months

My little sweetie, I am treasuring every moment of your life.  You bring so much joy to me and everybody else who sees you.  Your big siblings are getting a little bothered by you when you army crawl your way to them and mess up whatever it is that they are doing, but they adore you anyways.  You have a smile for absolutely everybody.  As long as they look at you, smile at you or talk to you, you light up with a big old grin.

Henry 7 months big smiles


There are some moments in life that I wish I could bottle up and hold onto forever, but a picture will have to do.  Lately when you fall asleep, you hold on to me so tightly.  I think I should lay you down, but the truth is, there is nothing more I want to do than hold your precious little self in my arms as long as you will let me.  Maggie and Charlie have taught me just how quickly the time passes and soon enough you will want to be independent.

Henry 7 months wmommy sleeping

Every morning, you sit on the floor of the tub while I shower.  When I’m done, I pick you up and hold you in the water.  Instantly your entire body relaxes.  You lay your head down on my shoulder and you don’t even more.  I just feel your sweet breath on my shoulder and enjoy the comfort this brings us both.  It truly is one of the best parts of my day.  Your snuggles make life so great.

Henry in sunglasses 7 months

You are up on your hands and knees every once in awhile.  Soon, you will be crawling like a madman.

Henry 7 months water

You use the potty like a champ and let me know with your whimpers that you need to go to the bathroom.  If I don’t help you in time, you only go a little and then go more when I put you on the potty.  Grandpa Ron thinks this is just the coolest thing.


My sweet Henry, I am so excited for what the next month will bring.  Thanks for being you.  You are so amazing.  I love you.





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