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I have spent many years now watching my nieces and nephews play sports, and watched and listened as their parents drove here and there every night.  It made me question what my future would be like.  I love sports so much, and hope my children enjoy sports, or band or choir, or whatever else they have their little hearts set on doing.  I know we will always find a way to pay for their activities and find ways to get them to it all.  Sometimes I think the late nights are too much, but then I see the joy they have from playing the sport of choice.


In September, Maggie joined dance class.  She talks about it all of the time, she kept reminding me how I “had to put her in dance class”.  Obviously, with a statement like that, I really have to put her in dance class!  I am still not 100% sure she will stay in it, but I am hoping she does.  Her teacher is great, and she seems to really like it, and is already remembering parts of the dance.  She does, however, come out a few times to ask for a snack!  Crazy girl – she eats before she goes, and it is only 45 minutes.

Tuesday's Toddler Tales, Sports and Classes

We also generally do ECFE classes {early childhood family education}.  It’s been a great way to make new friends out where we live, especially since when we moved here, I knew nobody.  Now, I have been debating what to do about signing them up.  I know an hour here or there isn’t really too much, but I also don’t want to feel like we are always rushing.  I am hoping to sign them up for classes, preferably on the same day.  It’s been a great way for me to get some one on one time with each kid, while making friends.

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Each week, we are linking up for Tuesday’s Toddler Tales.  This week’s topic is children’s sports, classes, etc.  Next week, we are talking about our mealtime manners and rules.  


What sports or activities do your children enjoy?

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