Tommee Tippee Breastfeeding Accessories Review

Tommee Tippee Breastfeeding Accessories Review

As a mom, I am always on the lookout for some great new products for my kiddos.  Tommee Tippee offers a great selection of breastfeeding, eating, drinking, teething toys and more.  Awhile back, I reviewed an Explora Easiview sippy cup and the chewther.  As part of the newborn event, I was given a few different breastfeeding items to review.  A nursing cover, breast pad starter pack, and nipple shields.  

The Closer To Nature nursing cover is beautiful!  It’s a black with a white flowery print.  This cover is available in 3 different designs (well, according to the website, 2, according to the package, 3).- this one, a brown one with the same design, and a solid brown cover.  I like that the print, although flowery is still very neutral.  The first thing I noticed, is that it is much bigger than any other nursing cover I have used, so it provides more coverage.  It’s made from a polyester / cotton blend.  The neckline is banded and adjustable so that you can see your baby as you are feeding.  I like how breathable it is, so you and baby don’t end up all sweaty and overheated.  Another feature I love about this cover that makes it one of my favorite is that there is a wide band of soft terry lining along the bottom of the cover for cleaning up spit ups or if you have a strong milk flow that needs to be contained if baby pops off unexpectedly.  This cover is also wider than many that I have also for added privacy and comfort.  There is a solid black edging making this look very stylish.

The Closer To Nature breast pad starter pack contains 36 disposable breast pads, 2 washable breast pads, and a reusable bag to store it all in.  The disposable pads are slimline with a contoured shape for a more discreet look.  I can’t really speak to the absorbency of any of the pads because sadly, I have never ended up needing them for either pregnancy – I would love to have that much excess milk that I needed them!  But…I do have many different ones from being prepared for my first pregnancy, and these are much softer than any of the other ones.  These disposable pads also have a peel off sticker on the back for sticking the pad into your bra to keep it in place.  
The disposable pads are very slim.  Again, I can’t speak to the absorbency of them.  They are quick drying which is an added bonus!  I will say that compared to some of the other washable breast pads I have, these aren’t all that soft to the touch.  But, when I wear them, I don’t notice a difference and they are comfortable.  

If you need to wear breast pads, you most likely need to have them with you to change when you are out and about, but you don’t really want them just laying around in the diaper bag or your purse.  This starter pack comes with  reusable bag to store your breast pads in.  Simply fold your pads in half and store them in the zippered bag, toss into the diaper bag, and go!  The bag is black with gray trim for a discreet and stylish bag.
The Closer To Nature nipple shields are made from a thin soft silicone that acts like a second skin for sore or cracked nipples.  The nipple shields will allow baby to latch on easily.  The high grade silicone gently flexes and stretches with the movement of the nipple.  It is made to fit all nipple sizes.  The unique c-air designs with slits in the shield allow the air to circulate and increases the skin to skin contact with baby while feeding so that baby has a more natural feel and smell of your breast.  Plus – the nipple shields come complete with their own carry case to keep your shield clear and sterile while out and about.  As it turns out, we didn’t end up needing these, but I thought we would give them a try anyways and see how they worked.  Well, Charlie had other ideas.  He wouldn’t latch on at all – not a surprise I guess.  The little dude won’t take a bottle at all.  He is only interested in the real deal.  

If you are looking for some great breastfeeding products for on the go, these are some great options from Tommee Tippee. 
*Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned products for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100 % my own and only influenced by my experience with the product and company.*


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