Trick or Treat

My kids are a tad bit spoiled.  We went trick or treating in the next town over for the morning business trick or treat event.  The kids had fun.  Charlie just wanted to stop after somebody gave him candy and take everything out of his bucket to decide what he wanted to eat.  It was hilarious.  While we were walking inside one of the strip malls, he grabs the black cauldron decoration and starts walking down the hall with one in each hand.  It was hilarious.

Baby/Toddler Gorilla Costume

Maggie just wanted to stop because I told her she couldn’t have any candy until we were finished.  Okay, I’m ready to be done mom.  Let’s go eat my candy.  Oh, and yes, that is Rainbow Brite….pretty much the coolest costume EVER!

Rainbow Brite Costume

What did your little ones dress up as?  Did you dress up as well?

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  • loving the rainbow brite! I went in a similar costume when I was about her age. It was probably my favorite childhood costume.

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