The #UltimatePlaydate with Juicy Juice and Crayola

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I love being a sort of stay at home mom.  I have a job, we go to some ECFE classes, we do tons of other things, and sometimes, we even stay home.  When all is said and done though, I think my very favorite thing to do is having a playdate.  We had some friends who stopped by 2 days a week while her oldest was at preschool.  We usually have a weekly playdate with Maggie’s best friend, and a few of our other friends come over to play quite often as well.  If you were to randomly stop by to say hi {and you are more than welcome to!}, you may just find us here, or, you could find up to 6 other kids here.  Depends on the day, the week, the weather, but I promise, it will be fun!

Juicy Juice #UltimatePlaydate #shop #cbias

If we have friends over, you can bet there will be snacks and drinks and something fun for them to do when just playing isn’t going so well.  I like to try and find something a little different and exciting for them all, whether it is what we have for snack or what fun craft we do.

 Juicy Juice #UltimatePlaydate #shop #cbias

Our latest playdate, we had such a fun, yummy snack that the kids loved.  Nestle Juicy Juice Floats instead of root beer floats.  We almost always have a 64 ounce bottle of Juicy Juice in the refrigerator for breakfast time.  The best part is that they are super easy and they are perfect for these hot summery days we have been having.  We spent the morning outside drawing and playing with the Crayola sidewalk chalk which is always such a big hit.  We use this stuff all of the time.  I remember a year or two ago, we had people writing birthday messages to Maggie on the driveway.  It was fun, different and everybody got to show off their art skills….or lack of.This playdate, the kids were drawing and practicing letters.  We have this game that we play a lot, I draw shapes, letters, numbers, whatever it may be, and then tell the kids to find a certain shape or letter {depending on age}.  They can sit on it or throw water on it, and lets face it….water is fun!  I think the kids’ favorite part though, is that they get to have Juicy Juice slim packs and fun packs.  They are the perfect size for the kids to have to stay hydrated and cool while we are outside playing.

 Juicy Juice #UltimatePlaydate #shop #cbias

Want to see little snippets of just how much fun we were having?  Check out this very quick video.

The kids love Juicy Juice, and I have to agree with them.  I love 100% juice without all of that added sugar and whatever else you may find.  Plus, it is another way to get their daily vitamin C.  They always get excited when we have Juicy Juice slim packs in the house.  Generally, we have juice at breakfast and that is it, but when we have friends over they get a little extra juice during the day.  My favorite part may be that I can pick up all of the Juicy Juice products we want, as well as our favorite Crayola products like the Crayola Color Wonder that is such a hit with the kids, at Walmart when we do our weekly shopping trip.  No extra trip and no hassles.

 Juicy Juice #UltimatePlaydate #shop #cbias

As anybody with kids knows, Juicy Juice and Crayola are always great products sure to be a hit with the kids.  Now, through September, you can find up to $3 off of Crayola products on specially marked Juicy Juice packages.  You can also find $1 off Juicy Juice coupons on specially marked packages of Crayola.

 Juicy Juice #UltimatePlaydate #shop #cbias

The kids had a blast playing and were excited when they came back another day and got to have Juicy Juice and ice cream floats again.  If you are looking to plan the #UltimatePlaydate, Juicy Juice and Crayola are a few products you are sure to want to have around.

What is your favorite thing to do at a playdate?  Or eat and drink?

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