Usborne Complete List of Weather Books for Homeschool

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We are onto our second theme unit in our kindergarten homeschool year.  The last few weeks we have been learning all about habitats and had so much fun.  Now we are onto weather and we are already having a blast. Weather is one of Charlie’s favorite things to learn about, so even though he is only four, he is really taking the lead on this unit.  Since we live in Minnesota, we are constantly experiences changes in weather and extremes of all types, so a lot of this isn’t new to us.  I’ve probably already told you a dozen times that I love Usborne because the books are so packed full of information in such a fun way that kids WANT to dig in.  The weather books are no exception so let’s get to them!Check out this complete list of Usborne Weather Books for Homeschool.

*Lift the Flap What Makes It Rain Ages 3+ $14.99

The Usborne Lift the Flap First Questions and Answers What Makes It Rain? book introduces young kids to the weather in simple, easy to understand ways that keeps them wanting to learn more. This book is the perfect size for smaller hands.  Each page features engaging photos with tons of questions like what’s it like inside a cloud?  What makes sunsets red and orange?  and so many more questions.  With tons of flaps on every page, your little reader will love discovering the answers to some fun weather related questions.  You will see their little minds soaking up all of the information as you explore the weather together.  Aside from just flaps, your little ones can explore the feel of different cutouts in the book.  This is perfect to have for my littler ones to have fun being a part of our school day.

Children’s Picture Atlas Ages 3+ $12.99The Usborne Children's Picture Atlas explores the different countries and what that country is known for.

While this book just touches on some weather around the world, it’s a good amount of information for the 3+ crowd.  I wouldn’t buy it solely for the weather info, but it’s a great book that we have used often, so bringing it out to talk about the weather in it works for us.

*Weather Picture Book Pack 4 book pack Ages 3+ $14.99This adorable 4 book Usborne weather picture book set takes kids on a journey through a sunny day, windy day, rainy day and snowy day.

Explore the different types of weather in a fun story setting in these four picture books.  The Windy Day, The Rainy Day, The Sunny Day, an The Snowy Day each take you through a day in that weather.  These cute short stories are perfect for bedtime or anytime.

*Weather Beginner Book Ages 6+  $4.99The Usborne Weather book is packed full of colorful illustrations of the many different types of weather. Along with internet links, your kids will have fun as they uncover the weather of the world.

This book features 2 pages about each of the different types of weather and is full of vibrant, engaging pictures that keep kids interested.  There is a glossary of weather words and a list of websites to visit at the end of the book.  This book also features internet quicklinks with a list of websites that are relevant to the topic.  Follow the instructions, click on the pages you want more info on from the drop down menu and keep the learning going.  There are also other activities related to the topics.  This is part of why we may very well ditch the curriculum next year and just use Usborne Books for school.  I’m including all of the books that we have or know contain information on weather and weather related topics.  The books with an * are very on topic books or contain a decent amount of information on the subject.  The rest also contain information, but not enough to make it worth spending money on just for this topic.

*Storms and Hurricanes  Beginner Book Ages 6+ $4.99

Usborne Storms and Hurricanes is the perfect book to introduce your young learners to the different types of storms with vivid, lifelike pictures. This book is the same style as the Weather book above but covers the different types of storms and information and facts to go along with them.  There are also the website quicklinks for more information and links to videos of the different storms.

Illustrated Dictionary Ages 6+ $15.99The Usborne Illustrated Dictionary gives full definitions of words accompanied by fun pictures.

Google is great, but having the ability to look things up the old fashioned way is still a skill I want my kids to have.  When we begin a unit, we take time to discuss some of the vocabulary words that we will be talking about, so we use our illustrated dictionary often.

*Weather & Climate Change Ages 7+ $10.99Usborne Weather & Climate Change teaches your kids all about the different types of weather with engaging photos and internet links.

This encyclopedia style book will give your kids all of the weather info they need at the tips of their fingers.  Embark on a journey learning about the weather, climates and everything that goes along with it.  Explore the history and future of our world and the weather.  Test yourself when you get to the end with some multiple choice question.  The glossary will explain the definitions of all of the weather words.  Not only does this book have tons of internet links, but there are also tons of downloadable pictures you can print and use for hands on learning.

*See Inside Weather and Climate Lift the Flaps Ages 7+ $14.99The Usborne See Inside Weather and Climate has tons of lift the flaps that will keep your kids' hands busy while their minds soak up all of the information.

The first time I laid eyes on this book, I knew we had to have it so this was our first Usborne weather book.  With so many flaps, your kids will be asking and answering questions all through the story.  From exploring the weather today to learning about the different types of weather, onto climates around the world and changing climates, this book provides endless learning fun.  With a list of weather words and their definitions, as well as internet links, the learning never ends.  This is  probably my favorite of all of our weather books.    This book also has internet quicklinks.

*Not Your Everyday Illustrated Thesaurus Ages 8+  $12.99 or $20.99 for library bindingThe Usborne Not Your Everyday Illustrated Thesaurus is a must have for this homeschool family. Expand vocabulary in a fun way.

This is a must have in our homeschool library.  We use this book every week for creative writing and expanding our vocabulary.  Not only is there an entire page of weather words and symbols, there are also sections for each of the four seasons.  Your weather vocabulary will keep expanding with this fun, must have thesaurus.  More writing tips and word games can be found in the internet quicklinks.

*Children’s Encyclopedia Ages 8+ $15.99The Usborne Children's encyclopedia is a must have in our homeschool library. With internet links and QR links, your kids will have so much knowledge at their fingertips that they won't want to put this book down.

This book is a must have in any home.  The illustrations are incredible as you explore the different types of weather and absorb all of the information.  There are actually quite a few pages that cover weather in this book, but we use it for pretty much every topic we cover.

First Encyclopedia of Science 8+ $9.99 or $17.99 library binding

The Usborne First Encyclopedia of Science makes science fun for your young learners.This is a great beginner science book {and definitely good for younger than 8}.  It goes beyond simply introducing topics, but also gives them ideas and activities they can do {for example, how to make your own rainbow}.  Of course it also features the beautiful illustrations that keep kids engaged, but you also get the internet links as well.  There are only a few pages on weather and the seasons, but a lot of information on those pages.

Illustrated Elementary Science Dictionary Ages 8+ $12.99 or $20.99 library bindingUsborne Illustrated Elementary Science Dictionary lets kids explore science in a fun and engaging way.

While I wouldn’t buy this book JUST for the weather section because it’s only a half a page long, we have this book and it’s a great resource when the kids want to look at just a little bit of info on whatever page they decide to stop on.  With fun pictures that get them thinking and asking questions, we love this dictionary as a starting point.  Check out the internet links as well.

Living World Encyclopedia Ages 8+ $14.99Osborne's Living World Encyclopedia is a great introduction to the plants and animals around us.

This encyclopedia has gotten a lot of use in the few weeks we have had it.  With a few pages touching on the seasonal weather changes and how it affects living things, both plants and animals, there is still a lot of information packed into this book.  Since it covers all living things, it’s a great additional to our library.  Also – internet links.

My First Reference Book About Our World Ages 8+ $9.99Usborne's My First Reference Book About Our World introduces kids to the world around them in simple, easy to understand and fun ways.

While this book says ages 8+, I would definitely say it’s a great book for younger ages.  {Especially considering we love it and my oldest is 5}.  I love how the information is laid out in the first reference books, where there are pictures with descriptions about the different types of weather.  What makes it rain is a fun, visual explanation of what is going on.  The back of the book has simple quiz questions to see what your kids remember as you read through the book.  The glossary in the back has simple explanations to help kids better understand the words.  This book is also internet linked for more on topic learning.

I *think* this is a complete list of Usborne Books on weather.  If I discover that I’m missing any, I’ll come back to add them.  You can purchase any of these books through the links on the titles. Simply choose anytime orders at checkout.  As always – let me know if you would like to see additional pictures of any of the books.


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