Week in review: And what a week it was!

Week in review: And what a week it was!

We have had a wild week!  On Thursday, my sister arrived from California with her new husband and baby.  Baby girl is 3 1/2 months old and I hadn’t met her yet!  She’s such a cutie pie.  We got to visit a bit on Thursday.  I had to laugh a little.  Wednesday night is when she actually flew in, and the weather man said – our weather was colder than the average for JANUARY!  Not what somebody from California wants to hear.  Hehe.

Friday involved finishing up the house cleaning…eeek, quite the job.  Then, we went to dye Easter eggs and play a game of cards.

Saturday, my other sister and I hosted the baby shower for Rachel and baby Taylor.  So much fun, I can’t wait to write that post and share all of the fun with you.  We had lots of fun, but boy were we exhausted!

Sunday, was the craziest of days.  We started out with Taylor’s baptism – she looked so precious in her little gown.  Then, back to our house where the eggs were hidden.  The photographer arrived and we took a huge family photo – yes, I will be sharing those, but I don’t have them yet.  Here’s a shot of one that I have so far.  We did the large group, the grandchildren with grandma and grandpa, grandparents with the great grandchild, sisters, brother and sister, all the kids, each individual family, this person, that person, crazy shots that show just how entertaining my family is.  Even the photographer was laughing.  We all had fun.  So did the dogs, who were outside eating the hard boiled eggs.  Hehe.  Our day doesn’t end, if you haven’t figured it out yet, we decided to celebrate Easter as well since Rachel was here from California and the entire gang of I believe 25 was together.  Since one family member is an accountant, the less time she takes from work right now, the better.  Guess what else, we played cards!  We do that a lot.  I love getting together.

Then we had lunch together on Monday.  Oh yeah, I forgot a small detail.  Friday night, our washing machine broke.  A pain anyways, but a big inconvenience when you use cloth diapers!  So, then we went and bought a new washing machine.  Get home, and wouldn’t you know it, after 3 days of messing with it, the washing machine drained and spun.  Oh well.  It’s been replaced.

A few quiet days, or not so quiet since I had a very whiny little girl and a super clingy little man.  Today as it turned out, Maggie woke up looking like a zombie.  She had a slight fever a few nights ago, but it went away.  The next morning, diarrhea just once.  Today, zombie.  She was so out of it, I called the doctor today since our clinic doesn’t have a pediatrician on Fridays.  Took her in because the doctor thought our explanation of all of the symptoms warranted a closer look.  After making the appointment, Maggie threw up all over me.  Awesome, right?  My poor little girl.  She’s in one arm, Charlie is in the other.  It could have been a bigger disaster, but we contained the mess.  Then, she was like normal almost.  Running around, chatting, so cute.  Before that, she wouldn’t talk and stared off into space.  She had diarrhea two more times, then it was time to go to the doctor.

{Now, the PLAN for today was to go to get the kids’ pictures taken with bunnies, have my sister, her hubs and the baby come back from Wisconsin, another friend and her hubs and two kids all over for homemade potato soup.  Not what happened.}

At the doctor, they check her for strep throat – I was going to ask them too, so I’m glad they did it anyways.  We are generally on the same page – love her pediatrician!  After the symptoms, and examining Maggie, she determines she has a GI infection, at least I think that’s what she said – I call it a stomach bug.  Test comes back positive for strep.  Super.  Okay, please, test Charlie while we are here.  *Praying for a negative result*  Nope, positive as well.  Great!  Please little man, don’t be allergic to the medicine like your sister.  Get home after picking up the medicine, he’s got the stomach bug too.  Awesome!

This weekends plans, changed.  A friend and her family were coming in tomorrow from out of town, but now, they aren’t.  My sister, stayed some place else.  Our dinner plans for tonight?  They stayed home as well.  A few days of R & R for us it looks like.  Getting the bunny pictures taken on Saturday morning.

More good stuff though, John found a baby grand piano for free on Craigslist.  I finally have a baby grand like I have always dreamed of!  Soon enough, we will sand and stain and it will look even more fabulous!

Here’s to hoping for a better week ahead!  And quick healing for my sweet little babies.  It just breaks my heart when they aren’t feeling well.

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 How was your week?  What adventures did you have?

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