What the Homeschool Review Crew Means to Us

What the Homeschool Review Crew Means to Us

I was BEYOND excited last year to join the Homeschool Review Crew. I research a ton on any curriculum I purchase because I have an extremely small budget so when I spend the money – it has to be the right product.

Schoolhouse Review Crew

If you are wondering what the Homeschool Review Crew is – it’s a {large} group of homeschool moms reviewing curriculum. Carving out the time to not only try the product but also gather pictures or screenshots and take the time to create a thoughtful review of how the product worked for us can be difficult sometimes. Being able to use it enough to form an opinion and share a quality review is important to me.

Here are some of the products we have reviewed over this past year.

Smartick Online Math Program

Creating a Masterpiece

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Books 5 and 6

Memoria Press Literature Guide

Home School In The Woods

Crafty Classroom USA Activity Bundle Pack

Matific Galaxy

Chronicles of Minnesota State Notebook

Hey, Mama Homeschool Planner

Supercharged Science

Big Bible Science

Nothing – Book Review

Pathway to Liberty

CrossWired Science

Heroes of History

Year-Long STEM Challenge

ARTistic Pursuits, Inc

Homeschool Complete

Singapore Dimensions Math

The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Books 3 and 4

IXL Learning

For the Temple


Then there were some video reviews. I’m loving doing these – and still tweaking what I want them to look like since I haven’t done a lot of these in the past.

HIGASFY Art History

Learning Dynamics Reading Program

The Kingdom Code

Simply Classical Spelling

Supercharged Science

Typing Tournament

Techie Homeschool Mom

Rhythm & Writing

Many of these we still use very regularly – either because the kids love them or I love them. Most of them I still wouldn’t know about without the Homeschool Review Crew. If you are a homeschool blogger – you can apply to be a crew member right now. Find out what being part of the Homeschool Review Crew means.


If you have read this far – I’d love to hear what you are really looking for when researching curriculum for your family so leave a comment below! Have a great day!

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