What’s in our diaper bag + Tuesday’s Toddler Tales Linky

Whenever I perfect what we have in the diaper bag, it seems that things change.  Our latest change is that now Maggie is out of diapers, at least when she is awake.  You would think that would mean less stuff to drag around, but it feels like I have to take more stuff with.  
Now, we take diapers for Charlie.  Even though we do EC and many days he will go without a wet diaper, we still have to take an appropriate amount just in case we are having an off day.  We also throw in an outfit for him just in case.
Before, we would take diapers for Maggie, now, we take outfits.  Just in case.  It seems ridiculous that I have to take more outfits then I took diapers for her, but that’s how it goes.

Aside from those obvious things, what else do we have?
Hand sanitizer!  A definite must have.  Diaper cream.  Rarely used, but better safe than sorry.  Boogie Wipes.  Our changing pad.  My phone, wallet, business cards and pen.  My water bottle, Maggie’s sippy, soon Charlie’s sippy, and for goodness sake, don’t forget the snacks!  Most of the time, I have a baby carrier or wrap tucked in there as well. We also generally have a toy for Charlie man in there, something for him to chew on. Don’t forget the wetbag!  {I forget it kind of often.}Last but not least, my camera to catch all of those moments.

Our diaper bag is usually quite packed, but we generally have everything we need.  We have gone through a few different diaper bags; a Skip Hop, and lately, we have been using our Pink Lining diaper bag – read my review and enter to win one of your own here.
Each week, Karine from SAHM of Drama Queens and a Prince and I will be linking up to discuss toddler like things.  The topic changes weekly and you can find past posts and upcoming topics here.  This week’s topic is What’s in your diaper bag.  Next week:  What mommy does for fun.  


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