When the World is Your Classroom, Cleaning Up Can Wait

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We have definitely been enjoying our early spring here in Minnesota.  I’m pretty sure it was May before it was this nice out last year.  I had promised the kids a trip to the park with our best buddies last week.  When the snow melts, that means mud, so I made sure we had our family summer car kit packed and ready to go, because we know, when the world is your classroom, cleaning up can wait.  Dirty hands and faces are just part of the fun.  No way will I be working inside.  I’m doing spring cleaning my way.

 How to make the world your classroom

I have a confession to share with you.  I am kind of a germaphobe.  I never use to be, but then I had my 2nd baby and things changed.  Now having 3, and one born during the sick season, I make sure I am prepared.  When we showed up at the park, the germaphobe in me just cringed.  As we were getting out of our truck, there was this little boy playing, coughing that gross, wet, full of germs cough, and wiping his really runny nose.  All I could think was, “Thank goodness for our PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes.

Not long ago when I was walking through Walmart, I took a shortcut through the household cleaning aisle, something caught my eye.  The PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes available in both a 35 count fragrance free canister and a 70 count clean refreshing scent canister.  These were perfect for both our house and for our summer car kit.

 Where can I find PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes?

Maggie and Charlie absolutely adore their baby brother, but aren’t always great at remembering my rule that they must wash their hands with soap and water before they can touch him or hold him.  {I told you, I’m a germaphobe now}.  Now I can keep the 70 count PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes out next to the pack-n- play and they do a much better job.  They may not always run to the bathroom to wash, but that is alright because these wipes sanitize hands, killing illness causing bacteria.  Can I get a woo-hoo!  {I’m listening}.

 Where can I find PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Keep Baby Germ Free with PurellSince we like to hit up the zoo, parks, the beach, or any other number of places while the weather is nice, we always keep a car kit packed.  The 35 count PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes fit perfect into our kit, along with our band-aids, sunscreen, and no more ouch spray.  So, when we got to the park, out came our car kit and I am so glad we added these wipes to it.

 What do I need at the park?

Like I said, when the snow melts, that means mud.  See these dirty little fingers?

Hallie muddy fingers Not to mention all of the millions of germs they are grabbing onto on the playground as they climb, slide, jump and fall, or the dogs they were playing with.  They were having a blast, even though we may have planned for the coldest of the days in the last few weeks.  But now that we had all of those grubby hands, I also had 4 kids who were starving!  It was definitely time to break out our PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes and get them cleaned up and germ free before they dig in.  The best part is, these are so handy that the kids can wash their own hands AND their faces.

Purell Girls Washing Hands

 Charlie washing with Purell

Maggie eating meat and cheese kabobThese aren’t just for kids though.  When you go to a park with no bathrooms {seriously, who builds a park with no bathrooms?}, mom cleans up the mess and has a quick and easy way to wash her hands.   Now I know you are wondering how you have lived without these for so long, so get your money saving coupon and keep some in your house, your car, your office, anywhere.  Plus, just knowing how many of these we will undoubtedly go through, I love that the Purell loyalty program can earn us coupons, gift cards and products.  Check out this video of the fun we had at the park.

With full bellies and tired bodies, we ended our fun at the park.  It was time to head home and into bed.  I think their favorite moment MAY have been when John went to sit on the swing and completely missed, see little miss Hallie laughing at him?

 Hallie laughing

Do you have a car kit for outdoor fun on the go?  What do you include?  Are you ready to take the PURELL® 30 Day Challenge?

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