When toddlers meet technology {Tuesday’s Toddler Tales linkup}

When toddlers meet technology {Tuesday’s Toddler Tales linkup}

It seems that technology is everywhere, even in places you may not think of it.  We go to a baby class once a week.  Mostly, we do it just to change things up, and so I can hang out with some other wonderful mommies who have become good friends of mine.  A few weeks ago, our topic was technology.  I think it’s no secret that TV isn’t recommended, especially in large amounts, but it doesn’t stop there.  We do not have our TV on during the day, except at nap time.  We ended up with another TV which is now in our bedroom and almost never turned on.  Once in awhile, Maggie wakes up and will turn it on and watch Curious George, but she doesn’t really watch it.  She will for a minute or two, and then forgets about it.

But what about the computer, or smartphone?  How much is too much for a toddler?  It’s not like she can really operate the computer, but she knows how to use YouTube, on both the computer and the phone.  Do you know how easy it is for them to click onto something else that they should not be watching and listening to?  Way to easy!!!

Maggie loves the computer so much.  It’s nice that I have a few things that she is allowed to do on here, like watch CopyKids DVD which only encourages her to choose healthy snacks instead of junk.  She doesn’t get to watch it all the time, but when she thinks about it, I usually let her.  The other thing we do a lot of together on the computer is read her BookLingual books.  They are written in Spanish and English and are fun for us to read together.

We also YouTube books on CD sometimes.  Mostly we do that because one of my favorite children’s books is not available for purchase for less than somewhere around $50 and we are not paying that!   It’s Fire Truck and it’s very catchy and really super awesome!

 I try really hard to not be playing around on my phone when the kids are awake, but I am guilty.  When Maggie pipes up and says, are you on Facebook mommy – I feel very guilty and know that I am not focusing on what I should be.  Thanks baby girl for making me remember.

A statement I heard in our class that really puts things in perspective for me is – turning on the TV or computer, whatever it may be – is allowing the media into your house.  Whatever is on the TV is now invited into your home.  Does that show have the values you want to teach in your house?

 Each week we are linking up for Tuesday’s Toddler Tales. This weeks topic is Toddlers and Technology. Next week is Favorite Sassy Moments.

How is technology viewed in your house?  

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