When your kids room doubles as…… {Tuesdays Toddler Tales linky}

When your kids room doubles as…… {Tuesdays Toddler Tales linky}

Whenever you buy a house, you will compromise on something.  What that is may vary, and is usually something pretty minor.  In our case, what we compromised on was a pretty big deal.  We bought a two bedroom house, knowing that we want to have 5 kids.  It works for us, at least right now.  The bedrooms are huge, and serve as multipurpose rooms.

Both kids have slept with us since they were born.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  It has worked for us and I love it.  As they get a little older and started sleeping better, I began putting them to bed in their crib, which is in our room.  Then, with Maggie, at one point, I moved her crib into her room {through the bathroom so still very close by}.  When she wakes up, she comes to bed with us.  The same will be true for Charlie, and all of the rest of our kids.

However, we love to have company, and often times, that company stays the night.  We have an oversized queen mattress that we throw down on the floor in the kids’ room whenever we have company.  Then, Maggie just goes to bed in our room, which she loves!  A few weeks ago, we had my sister, her husband and the new baby staying with us, so we moved Maggie’s toddler bed into our room, the crib into our room because we are starting to use it with Charlie once in awhile.  Our room is also housing our exercise equipment so it’s pretty packed in there.

Having the beds out of the kids’ rooms got us thinking.  Maybe, just maybe, we would make it a toy room only in there.  Right now, most of the toys are in the living room, but that makes the house look messy often times, and now that Maggie is a bit older, we let her play upstairs alone more often. I would really love to share more about our bedrooms with pictures, but they are so unbelievably messy right now, that I am not brave enough to show them to you! 

So for now, the rooms are both jam packed with things and we can’t make up our minds on what we want to do.  In the mean time, there bedroom is decorated with these awesome jungle stickers that Maggie loves! 


Each week, you will find the Tuesday’s Toddler Tales linky with a different topic.  This weeks topic is our kids’ bedrooms.  Next week, stop back and link up your mommy confessions, these should be good.

What do you want to share about your kids’ rooms?  Is it just a bedroom, or does it also double as a toy room?  Do your kids share a room?  Did you decorate with a theme you are in love with?

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