Why taking the pledge to end bullying is important to me.

 When I wrote the first post to start getting you all to pledge to end bullying, I wrote it thinking that bullying hadn’t really affected my life.  The truth is, it had, just indirectly so it wasn’t at the top of my mind.  The truth  is, this first story I am going to share comes from somebody who means the world to me.  This young man had a very big impact on my life when he was born.  I was in a rough place, and when he was born, it kind of snapped me out of my funk.  Now, he is 15 and in high school, but this has been happening for awhile now.  I had known about it, but, I never asked too much about it.  The fact that he was being bullied and it was a big deal that was affecting his entire life didn’t really occur to me.  I wish I could go back and help him do something from the beginning, but what I can do is share his story with you.  I hope it encourages you to sign the pledge.  If you think about it, I’m sure that you or someone you know has been bullied and affected.

I want to sign the pledge now!!!  {Scroll down on the page it takes you too}

Kyle’s story
Well ever since the 6th grade I have been bullied and harassed for being a gymnast. I was bullied pretty much everyday in gym class. They would call me gay and threaten to beat me up. For example They would call my name so i would look up then call me gay for looking at them when they are changing into their gym uniform… they would tell me not to get near them because i had “gay germs”.. i had a girl friend at the time too but they would just say it was a cover up. There were times when I was so mad i wanted to beat them up but I knew I would get in trouble. I would try talking to counselors but that never seemed to really help. The boy(s) would get detention or suspended but The group of bullies was so large the counselor couldn’t suspend them all. It was pretty much all the hockey players. They would then say I’m a tattle tail and make fun of me more. I felt depressed and lonely. Felt like i had no guy friends to talk to. all my friends throughout middle school were girls. im in high school now and i have some guy friends but only a few. My middle school years were the worst. Some nights i cried. i didnt want to go to school all the time. I thought things would change in high school but it didn’t really. The words just got more insulting. There was a time when i wanted to quit gymnastics so i didnt have to deal with the bullying but over the years I just learned to ignore them. They are just jealous of me. i know I have family and friends to support me and I no longer feel depressed. Gymnastics has been my dream for a while and I’m not gonna let some immature kids get in my way. 

After he shared this with me, I cried for over an hour.  My heart was so broken.  I love this kid so much, and I can feel his pain in this story.  It hurt to know I should have been there for him more, but I wasn’t.  

If you haven’t signed the pledge yet, I hope you do after reading his story.

Have you ever been bullied?  How did it change your life?  If you want to share your story, comment below, or email it to me at summers1405@yahoo.com and I will post it.   

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