Your babies skin is perfect, let’s keep it that way.

Last year, we started on our mission to use more natural products, on ourselves and the kids.  I have looked at a few companies and knew that I wanted to check out TruKid.  We received the bubbly body wash and the water resistant face and body stick SPF 30+ sunscreen.

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The Bubbly Body Wash smells amazing!  I love how gentle it is on the kids’ skin.  The first time I used it, I forgot it was bubbly {really?} and then as I was washing Charlie, I wondered   what was on the washcloth.  Then, I realized it was just the bubbly body wash.  I really like that it is made from only natural ingredients and essential oils to create scents that are designed for kids to love.  Now, Maggie doesn’t ask for my help washing herself, she wants to do it all by herself every time because she loves this body wash so much. She loves how it bubbles up while she is scrubbing her little body.

TruKid, Bubbly Body Wash, Our Piece of Earth


The bubbly body wash comes with two different caps. One that you can pop open with your thumb, and another {that we use} pump style top so you can choose what works best for you and your kids.

TruKid, Bubbly Body Wash, Our Piece of Earth

The water resistant face and body stick sunscreen is perfect.  It has an awesome scent of oranges so it isn’t repulsive to put on at all.  It is mineral based and made from sustainable sourced zinc/titanium.  The sunscreen stick goes on as a layer of cream that leaves a faint coloring.  The coloring absorbs, but it’s nice that you can see it at first.  Maggie, being the very independent little miss that she is, loves to put it on herself, so this way, I can see if she missed any spots.  The fact that it is non toxic if fantastic because Charlie has made every attempt to take a bite, but this mama is too fast.  It is the highest rated for any kid’s line by {EWG}.  It also offers UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Protection.  It is also water resistant, so the kids can play in the water and I don’t have to worry while they are playing.  {See website for info on when to re-apply}

TruKid, Sunny Days, Our Piece of Earth

I love the idea behind TruKid.  It all started when Jennifer, mother to 6 kids realized there weren’t many children’s products that weren’t filled with chemicals and had a “yucky” smell as her kids called it.  When she found them using some of her wrinkle cream one day, it occurred to her that it probably wasn’t good for the kids to be using on their skin and she began her mission of trying to create products she was comfortable with her kids using.  All of TruKid products are made using only natural ingredients and essential oils.  Children love the scents, plus they could learn how to take care of their bodies.


Beginning in the fall, Jennifer is planning to launch TruKid Foundation.  An organization for kids, by kids and it will focus on charity work in the Bay Area, including product donations, outreach activities, and educational projects.  All of these things will help with the TruKid mission – helping children learn to care for themselves.


If you are ready to give your kids products that will help teach them to take care of their own bodies, while using natural products that you don’t have to worry about harming their skin, check out TruKid.


Right now, my amazing readers can get a FREE Sunny Days SPF 30+ Face & Body Stick with any order of $30 or more using code sunnymom. (1 per customer).

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Have you used TruKid products before?  Which ones are your favorites?


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  • I just heard about the company and placed an order for the Silly Shampoo. This seems like a terrific company!! Thank you for the review and giveaway of the body wash!!

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