Project Pomona has got your baby covered!

Project Pomona has got your baby covered!

When I started using cloth diapers with Maggie, suddenly some of her pants didn’t fit. I loved her cute little outfits and she was such a peanut, but we had to size up sometimes in order for them to fit. The butt in some pants just wasn’t big enough for those fluffy butts! Then, I discovered Project Pomona Jeans.

Project Ponoma
For review, we received the Stretch Faded Black Jeans.  These jeans are the trim fit, so they are a little trimmer in the legs than the regular fit.  They are made from 98% cotton and 2% spandex.  Plus, they are made in the USA!  But, Project Pomona jeans are more than your average baby jeans. Not only do they feature an elastic waist band, the snaps on both sides of the waistband are adjustable as well. The jeans feature the simple snap system, where each side has 4 different snaps to get a customized size, whether you have a skinny minnie or a little chunk. Your baby is perfect and deserves jeans that will fit their body. The snaps make diaper changes fast and easy.  No more tugging at them to pull them down over their diaper.  No more pulling baby across the floor as you try to get their jeans off.  {Come on, you’ve been there too, right?}  The generous room in the butt means your baby can actually move in their jeans.

Project Pomona JeansYou know what else makes these jeans AMAZING? The length is adjustable as well. When they are shorter, roll the cuff of the jeans up. As they grow, adjust the length as necessary. I love that they fit for an average of 6 months, instead of only 3.  Baby clothes don’t fit too long anyways, so I like to get my use out of them.

Project Pomona JeansWe love our faded black stretch jeans, but did you know Project Pomona also has some of  the cutest designs ever made in jeans?  Not joking – you have to check them out.  Whether you want simple jeans, jeans with a little color on the cuff, or a pattern with some embroidery on the butt, you are sure to find the perfect pair for your little fluffy {or not fluffy} butt.  We also have a pair of the Fetch jeans and they are my absolute favorite!  Although Charlie has managed to outgrow them a bit now.  You can also get matching shirts, or if you are need of some shorts, they sell those now too!

Project Pomona JeansPlus, with Project Pomona, you will save money!  How you ask?  Instead of buying new pants for your little one every 3 or so months, you simply buy 4 different sizes to get you through from 3 months until 3T!  Because of the adjustability of both the waistband and the cuffs, your kids get more use out of each pair.  If you are looking for a great pair of pants that will actually last long enough for them to wear them a lot, allow them to move, and look great, you have to check out Project Ponoma!  We LOVE them and think you will too.


Have you checked out Project Pomona?  Which jeans are your favorites?

You can win a pair of Project Pomona Jeans as part of the Summer Baby Loving Grand Prize!  



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