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I have been blessed with two amazing children who are also very different!  Whether it is how they are learning, playing, growing, or breastfeeding.  Yes, breastfeeding, even that is very different.  Maggie was usually very calm while she nursed.  Charlie has this habit of reaching into my shirt while he is nursing and trying to pinch my nipple.  It may be the most annoying thing ever!  When I found The Vintage Honey Shop, I fell in love.  My old nursing necklace was broken.  I needed a new one to hopefully stop Charlie’s craziness!  After hearing of my troubles with Charlie, Jennifer and Melissa decided to send me one to review!

The Vintage Honey Shop , Our Piece of EArth

Wanna take a guess on how long it took me to decide which one I wanted the most?  I finally decided on this one – I just love the colors and I wear a lot of blues and purples.

The Vintage Honey Shop, Breastfeeding necklace, Nursing necklace, Our Piece of Earth

When it arrived {which was extremely fast}, the first thing I noticed was how gorgeous it was wrapped.  Every order is hand wrapped in gray tissue paper and tied up into a bow with their yellow and white bakers twine.  Add a little lace doily and the adorable label stamped TO: and FROM:  on the back to personalize it.  I could already feel how pretty it was without even opening it!

The Vintage Honey Shop, Our Piece of Earth, Breastfeeding/Nursing necklace


The necklace itself is gorgeous!  They are made with premium 100% designer cotton fabric.  Yep, designer fabric to keep up with whatever the latest trend may be so that you can still be stylish while giving baby a little something to focus on.  Each bead is natural, and unfinished.  The necklace is knotted between each bead so you don’t have to worry about your little one choking.  It is finished off with a satin ribbon that makes this necklace adjustable for the length and style that fits you.


The ring on the bottom of the necklace is just perfect for those little hands to grab onto when they are nursing and keep them busy so maybe, just maybe, you can keep baby focused!  It also serves another purpose – those little teeth have something to bite.  As you can see in the pictures, he is giving the ring a workout with his little teeth.  Because he chews on it so often, I love that I can simply wash it with whatever soap or detergent that I use, let it air dry, and then he can chew on it some more.

The Vintage Honey Shop, Nursing necklace, Breastfeeding necklace, Our piece of Earth

I love how gorgeous this necklace is.  It looks even more beautiful in person than it does in the pictures.  The best part is – even when I am done having kids and breastfeeding, I can still wear this necklace.  I am so glad I have some nursing necklaces to wear when breastfeeding.  I can look great, and not worry about Charlie breaking a necklace.


If you are looking for a stylish, fun look, whether you are a nursing mom or not, check out The Vintage Honey Shop on Facebook or Etsy.  Or, you can WIN ONE right now!



  • I also have a necklace from Vintage Honey Shop and rave about it! The care taken with every detail, starting with packaging as you mentioned, is absolute. Gorgeous stuff from a lovely company. Great to hear that you liked it as much as I do (not to mention my kid LOVES it)!

  • My first baby was like yours, very calm and to the point about breastfeeding. My second baby is nowhere near as focused as my first (easily distracted). I find myself reaching for anything that he can hold that will keep him focused on breastfeeding. Usually, that ends up being my keys. A nursing necklace would be a lot cleaner and safer! The one pictured is beautiful. I love how it was wrapped.

  • Her necklaces are beautiful! I especially love the Blue Lake Teething Ring Necklace for Breastfeeding/Nursing Necklace, Teething Necklace, Babywearing, Fabric Necklace! I never had a necklace when I breastfeeding my daughter, but I definitely want one for my son who is due soon!!

  • I feel ya on the attempted nipple pinch, my son is the same way! I never thought about using a necklace to distract him as he always pulls hard when I wear necklaces (as such I’ve only worn them on special occasions!). He really likes to keep his hands occupied though and will reach for anything he sees that is ‘almost’ within reach. I’ve been smacked in the face with many an odd item, hairbrush and computer mouse to name a couple. These look really beautiful and I too would have a really tough time picking, they’ve used so many pretty fabrics!

  • The prints and choice of The Vintage Honey Shop is huge! I kept trying to decide which print I liked and then found another one, then another!

  • I didn’t have one of these when I was breastfeeding my first but this time around I think I may get one. I stopped at 6 months with my first so she wasn’t really needing to be entertained while she nursed but I’m hoping to go longer and be more successful this time around. I think this will definitely help with that.

  • I have never heard of a nursing necklace but it makes so much sense! Thanks for opening my eyes! I will look in to one of these!

  • I have also never heard of a nursing necklace but its something to keep in mind if/when the time comes. I love how you described the packaging. Details like that mean a lot to me.

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